Why are new Junto-projects not posted on fx Mondays?

Hi All,

I’ve done a few Junto-projects in the past. I really enjoyed the challenge and would like to participate in more, but my weekends are often filled up with “other stuff” I need to do. During week nights however, I have time to spare and would love to do Junto projects there, but there are no projects to be done.

Is there a good reason why Junto’s are first posted on Thursdays and not fx on Mondays?

And am I the only one who would appreciate to do Junto projects during the week instead of during weekends?


I have no idea why they start on Thursday. I think(at least for me), it’s the time pressure that matters. So, I guess if you start on Monday and post by Thursday, that’s not gonna be a big deal. Some people even posted later than 1 week, you can’t win any prizes with it(or can I?) I think people here are not that difficult.
But, maybe I am wrong with my thoughts.
Anyway, if you post later than Monday… I’ll listen to your song.


Hi. Thanks for inquiring. They’re posted on Thursdays so people have two full weekdays and two full weekend days, depending on what works best for them.


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OK - I see that there is an idea behind the Thursday-Monday setup.
Still I’d prefer to work on these projects Monday - Thursday. Will I be thought off as too much of a vigilante if I upload my contribution well after the deadline? :slight_smile:

The underlying theme of the Junto projects is creative constraints. Time is such a constraint. It’s not that frequent that tracks pop up after the project has closed.

Except when a project gets posted late, there should be two solid week nights available (Thursday and Monday).

Thanks for the interest.

OK - I’ll respect that.

I would like to point out though, that living in Denmark, I usually don’t receive the new project until a bit late Thursday nights.

Anyways - It’s just a thought I’ve had for quite a while, so I thought I would see if I were the only one feeling this way.

I’ll play by the rules :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ve been doing my best to get the projects out as early as possible on Thursdays, aiming for 10am California, 7pm your time. But sometimes life invades.