Why is this forum less about music and more about stuff?

I’ll start by chiming in to say…thank you for the kind words! I hope people don’t see my release posts as spam…i really would be happy to discuss the music without ever mentioning gear but i think people are curious at times

What’s funny, in the context of releases, is that i pretty much sound the same no matter what gear i use! I have fun talking about gear as much as anybody but i’d love even more conversations about my influences and why i’m attracted to the sound of fm or filter pinging if people would be engaged by that.

Sometimes I think people don’t know exactly what to say about music they like other than a quick thanks (which i’m immensely grateful for!)

A side note: I must admit that i miss TONS of topics now due to growth of the community. I used to be able to read every thread and every post

Now i feel a bit guilty that i simply can’t keep up. If you make a thread and it seems like discussion is ramping up slowly (or dwindling) i assure you that others may feel the same way and be gradually making the time to read and respond

great thread btw @circuitghost thanks for starting a necessary discussion for us


Somewhere along the way I also went through a phase transition from “read every post” to “read every post on a very small selection of threads set to ‘Tracking’”. But since it’s because of the successful growth of this community, I consider it a good problem to have!

I’ll add that learning as much as you can about how the Discourse forum software works, and how you can customize your experience in forums that use it, will greatly enhance your quality of life here and on many other forums.


There’s a quote by Pablo Picasso that runs through my head constantly whenever I’m on musicians’ forums:

When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.

It’s the same thing. For myself, everything emotional and meaningful about music, the reasons why I make it, are internal and personal and hard to put into words–that’s why I’m making music about it instead. But it’s extremely practical and productive to discuss instruments and tools with other knowledgeable people who are working in the same medium as you.


The way I see it that nobody in the world is born and can read/write/play piano/speak, know a minor scale from a major scale, or any scale.

I see this forum as a valuable means of learning and I’m pretty confident that another forum member can help and will help, if asked.

Music is personal to me and many others.

The human voice is also the instrument we are born with, thanks to whoever gave us a voice :slight_smile:


Lots of great sharing here… One of the things about lines that keeps me coming back is the openness to deeper emotional and even spiritual spaces, threads about travel, food, grief, inspiration, the motivating elements of a human life that result in the drive to express our common humanity, mixed in with highly technical conversations about building, and coding, and making, and using some of the most incredible instruments, programs, and other creative tools…

And all the while in the company of so many kind, generous and visionary folk…

Look around, you’ll find the music, but so much more as well!


Amen to “And all the while in the company of so many kind, generous and visionary folk…”

Much love for this, given the past year’s sorrow :slight_smile:


I’ll say that @glia concentrics project is inspiring/helpful from noting their influences, concepts driving the project, AND gear used/why. I think the gear needs to be a part of the discussion given choice of gear informs the sound to a large degree, but taking it beyond technical is huge. But all the other factors are great too.


well then i’m making a catfact fan thread

i used to try matching dated mp3s of performances on your site to the sc patches added to github…just to get a small glimpse

it’s still wild that you’re so accessible here and i guess i assumed you might be tired of chatting about the work

iirc there’s a thread somewhere which gave you a chance to discuss your journey with viola but it would be cool to hear more!


my music sucks and i like gear discussion :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Sort of like @smbols said, I think the production of music itself is something so different and individual to each person that it becomes hard to discuss really with anyone else. For example, I have slowly learned that I favor simple melodic phrases. This is something I learned while in conversation with myself more than anything. Someone could have told me to experiment with simple melodic phrases, but that would have not done very much good. I would actually have to do it myself to see.

Technical discussion (which inevitably leads to gear discussion) works because everyone can take away from it something to use in their own artistic experiments and practice. That being said, gear discussion can quickly devolve into rampant consumerism (if I get THIS piece of gear, then I will be able to make good music). There is a fine balance, but I think this forum reaches it quite well (better than other places on the internet at least).


Only speaking for myself here, of course, and I recognize that many won’t feel the same way – but I’ve found that philosophical/artistic discussions about music are not useful to me in my own practice and, in fact, have at times been damaging because they lead me to question my own instincts & head down unfruitful paths of trying to frame other peoples’ processes in terms of my own. I think this is because language, for me, is wholly insufficient to describe the personal part of the art. On the other hand, conversations about gear aren’t fraught with the question of how to translate one person’s experience to another’s – “thru-zero FM” means the same thing to all of us!


You might enjoy this new thread



I’m pretty confident with my skill at building and programming music things, generally pretty embarrassed and private about the music I record. I like the discussions about stuff, people are composed of multitudes, interesting getting a broad impression about what folks value or believe. I enjoy the release threads, listening threads but find I have less to contribute in those discussions


:point_up: :raising_hand_man:…erm :nerd_face:…actually, i wouldn’t even want it to be about music in the first place(i’m hoping this is a community about ‘art’ in general). but i feel ya :grin:

i thought it was turning like this when i first visited, but with more in-depth engagement i can see now it’s more about how you interface with the interface(like galapagoose explains above).

(certain philosophical discussions in certain music-theory threads have proven that it can get equally annoying even when it is all about music :rofl: …you actually long for more stuff if you see the wrong side of people :sweat_smile: …but i digress and can probably be shown equal to blame in certain threads :joy: )

i think even the threads which are seemingly about stuff, are actually people trying to get to know their own position within this overall ecosystem better(to be an artist, you need to know your gear/medium, but you also need to know how to engage it with people). so if you look with more detail, you’ll find people aren’t just talking about stuff, they’re plugging through stuff into community, probably because that helps them evolve fastest and strongest as artists within this overarching artistic scene, movement, or community.


Yeah, I’m realising just because I’d like to have a certain discussion, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in all the places I enjoy hanging out. We can’t all be into the same things, in the same way, just because we all happen to enjoy music in one way or another. And maybe that’s why Lines remains so cool, is because it carries on the conversation in contrast to many other places. You could certainly look at it the other way around and say in another forum, “Hey, why aren’t we more about this and that?” because you miss that from Lines and want it somewhere else, too.

What sparked the question was that I posted a thread on music I’d just released awhile ago and it was moderated after only a few hours and never really got a chance to become a conversation, which it has been in all other contexts I’ve presented it in. Since it’s a very close and intimate peace that is to some extent about loss and grief, I figured, now there’s a topic on music and emotion someone might want to talk about. It just felt so Lines appropriate. I figured, if there’s anywhere one can talk about how music relates to the human experience and how something I’ve gone through, can translate into a work of art, it’s here.

But I get the idea that this forum isn’t about self-promotion, and it was an EP after all and it was on Bandcamp, so I can see why it ended up in the mega thread instead. Now I know this and I know where to go next, when I got something to post (which I have been, after that).

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well i’m sorry to hear that but no, an ep on bandcamp wasn’t any violation of our COC (or the spirit of the forum)…unless your thread was just a link posted w/o context then it should stand on it’s own

if it was a mere link leading elsewhere or shared in the wrong category i could see how it was moved but the end result has been unfortunate : (

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I have had 2 releases get lumped into the mega thread almost instantly where i felt like i wrote an engaging amount of information and just deleted them as the mega thread is not my jam and have also seen others get lumped right away and others that have little conversation started pop off. It doesn’t seam to be the most consistent part of lines.


Come on guys can’t we just tell @circuitghost about the secret forum where we do the real talking?

Seriously though, for me the answer to your initial question is I like to talk about tools and technology and I like to explore music and sounds on my own.

I’ve seen other artist forums that cover topics like woodworking and photography where tools and techniques are talked about way more than the pieces produced themselves.

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Well, it’s a forum, and as such, it has the culture it has and one either likes it and sticks around, or not and one is then free to leave. There’s no right or wrong here, it’s just a place and like any place, has its own written and unwritten rules on code of conduct. Sometimes, to learn those, it’s better to ask and be prepared to risk appear being the fool, rather than not asking and still wonder, which is fool-ish, at least.

I posted my question to better understand the culture of this place, and I feel this thread helps me do just that. I appreciate all the answers and the debate this has sparked.


For me, one of the most interesting categories of discussion is where people reflect on the tools they use and how they fit into their process. The thread about building a standalone modular instrument or executing the modular album for instance.

I find that I am more drawn to the process than to the music, regardless of whether I enjoyed the results or not, “sound and process” is a great example of this, it is always deeply fascinating even if I don’t connect with the music every time.

Elsewhere I am pretty used to discussing tings independently of their inherent quality or likability, but more in terms of what each component is in relation to the whole and how it has come to be, which is maybe weird but it makes anything a valid subject of a potentially rewarding conversation.