Why no Monome distribution in Europe?

Plenty of users there who won’t try or buy because of shipping costs and customs.
I personally often buy modules at Modularsquare in France or at Schneidersladen in Germany.

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Looks like they need to have a restock, but Escape from Noise in Sweden certainly sell Monome.
Maybe ask them if they can get hold of what you want?



Thanks. I’m already full of monome equipment bought directly, but i know that they are very rare in France because of the distribution.

There’s so much eurorack out there these days that I imagine it is difficult for retailers to keep anything like a selection of all manufacturers in stock.

I’m sure if Modularsquare or Schneiders had people asking for them to get some Monome modules in stock they would do so :slight_smile:


FWIW I’ve heard exactly this from several store owners. MUCH better to have potential customers asking than manufacturers pushing.

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Escape From Noise is a great shop with good service over email contact. Highly recommended.

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No Monome stuff at Escape from Noise anymore?

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we’ve actually completely discontinued using retailers.

the reasons are fundamentally economic: retailers take usually 30% of the list price, which is essentially the same profit margin we make as the designer/manufacturer. this is a huge deal for a company who is one person full time (me) plus a few part time people.

retailers pass on the shipping and import duty costs to you, so i believe the only thing you really save is convenience of not having to deal with UPS and duty payments (i apologize for this). that said, we only charge $40 for intl shipping (which costs us substantially more).

i wish we could do better, but commerce thrives on middle-man businesses (credit card companies, shipping, etc) so this was the choice we made to keep things running.


I should point out that even though it shipped from the US, it was a very quick delivery here to Stockholm and the customs for my norns was about $100 (thanks for also reporting the customs value properly!). much quicker than a lot of local companies have delivered in the past :slight_smile:

also much nicer to have the funds going direct to the source.


I respect this point of view

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I used to buy my monome stuff from Escape from noise, which by the way its a great shop, so is Ulf.

I completely understand monome´s commercial take on this, and since them changing the distribution i have been ordering direct a few times and i have had 0 problems.

Posting charges are good :slight_smile:

customs suck!

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Hey everyone,

So when Monome has the new batch of Norns available in January/February, will the only chance to buy it be directly from them (and pay the import tax and fees), or will there be a handler/handlers that also sell them new here in the EU?

They are only available directly Monome. Same with grids and original Norns Shields.

So the hunt continues :frowning:

I bought my Shield from Monome. 3 days after they shipped it, I received it here in Sweden. So all in all it was super easy and painless.

And 21% more expensive

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When buying from a european shop you would have to pay the same taxes. It is just a little more comfortable and less of a hassle when you need service as the shop would be responsible for that.

My guess is that dealing with shops, warranty repairs and lower margains makes it less attractive to sell over shops. Especially when you have a product line with a loyal fan base and a demand that exceeds your productivity.

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@St0rMl0rD i have an addendum to what i wrote upthread

like i said earlier, retailers pass on the taxes/fees so there shouldn’t be a substantial cost difference— short of the perpetual sales (problematic to manufacturers, different topic) and free/cheaper shipping.

rather than give retailers that 30% (which is a lot) we were able to hire a full time employee (@dan_derks) with benefits— who in addition to managing shipping and providing more support than i could ever myeslf, has time to lead workshops, improve docs and generally forward the non-monetizable educational missions of monome.


yay! @dan_derks :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: