Why should I keep my Just Friends?

Edit: I’m going to hold off on trading this for now. After sleep and consideration, I’ll give it some time to see if I can find a use for it. Thusly I’m repurposing this post.

This post was originally in Trade because I wanted to trade my Just Friends. I’ve had it for just over a week, and after lots of use, it’s not doing what I expected or necessarily want. Given the many expressions of love for the thing here, I think this thread is better suited to relating the why I should keep it.

I did this today.


There is a lot of cool stuff you can do with it. That is a good example. I just don’t think I’ll use it how it wants to be used, and the sounds it makes were not the sounds I expected. I’ll experiment a bit more, but I just feel like someone else will love the hell out of this thing.

Out of interest did you try all the modes with the run jack? Its just that 1 week is a crazy short time. I found out unexpected stuff and techniques on modules months later. I also end up using modules how they are not supposed to be used. Thats the fun stuff!

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Yeah gotta agree, it took me a few goes to get the personality out of just friends I was looking for. It’s an odd beast and took me more time to bond with than other modules but it’s one of my favourites.

I didn’t play with the run jack extensively (obviously). It was a lot of hours out of the week though, but you all are making me second guess this…

I’ll leave this up for a bit longer. Feel free to convince me to keep it? :laughing:

Perhaps it’s just the way Mannequins documents their stuff? Maybe I’m just totally missing the point?

I can’t help but join the chorus of people encouraging you to give it more of a chance. I’ve had it over a year and there’s still lots to explore. I used to have 2 in 6U…sold 1 a couple of months ago…almost bought another 1 the other day. But of course everyone is looking for something different in Euro. But here’s some ways I like to use it…

Wonderfully expressive ADSR-ish envelopes (STRATA):

6 voice Poly synth (looks like you have teletype based on your trade options…)

Musical yet experimental clock divided envelopes

And so on…you get the point. :slight_smile:


Comment after comment my chances of snagging a second Just Friends are slimming :frowning:


Seriously! Quiet, the lot of yous! :wink:


I’m enjoying this thread, especially as I’ve been considering Just Friends for some time. :smile:

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Yeah, agreed. Clearly it’s been a good one since it seems to have convinced the OP to consider keeping it and the rest of us wishing he’d sell!

I’ve been pretty confounded with what it actually does, up until now. I still feel like I’ve only had a glimpse, but this thread has been enlightening! Plus it inspired me to, rather than re-reading the totally impenetrable copy on the Mannequins website, skim through the manual, which was helpful. I didn’t even realize it could generate sounds… not sure what I thought the switch with the “sound” position did. :wink:

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@AlessandroBonino @PacificNorthWes haha if he was based in Europe, my message would probably have just been ‘PM’d for Just Friends’!


I love using it as a sound source, but hate losing the envelopes/lfos. So, yesterday I ordered a second one from Control :smiley:


Okay. Offer is withdrawn; post officially repurposed. :sweat_smile:


Just slightly OT what sequencer is on the grid? WW, MP?

that was Ansible MP triggering JF in sound/sustain mode with a dummy plug in the run jack. 6 outs from MP are pinging JF. Audio from the mix out.

this is a noisy FLOOM mode https://instagram.com/p/BZxzlT6Anmy/
this is Disney https://instagram.com/p/BYpR505AzHF/
this is more JF Floom https://instagram.com/p/BYlCB9lg7vh/
more Floom https://instagram.com/p/BYkntX_gq_C/
all driven by JF envelopes slow cycling envelopes going into 2 x Mannequins https://instagram.com/p/BNBuWk2j9g9/
jf as an oscillator https://instagram.com/p/BZGRZgiggr7/
as a pinging oscillator https://instagram.com/p/BZQfF6igdJy/
drumming https://instagram.com/p/BZkZMjsA27K/
slow envelopes to osc’s https://instagram.com/p/BZksUBkgdl9/
hand modulating a DLD https://instagram.com/p/BZuvu_Cgyg1/
more pinging https://instagram.com/p/BZxvysAAiIW/
slow envelopes into Manneqins Osc https://instagram.com/p/BNGKz5aDRu9/


Right now I have it patched in FLOOM with some FM and gated with an Optomix LPG. Love the tones coming out of the fm+vactrol combo.

What were you expecting then? Maybe we can help getting there? It’s a relatively straight-forward module if you understand what it’s doing (the run modes do make it a bit confusing/overwhelming to be fair, but that just takes some time to get over).

Here is a video of mine: the main sound is JF. You should either keep it or sell it to me.