Why We Listen – Interviews about Sound & Music [podcast]

So the thread about the new SOUND+PROCESS podcast reminded me of another podcast that I’ve been greatly enjoying of late that could be of interest to other lines members.

In each episode, the host will meet with someone (typically in their home / normal listening space) who has a deep connection to sound and/or music. This guest will have picked three tracks ahead of time, based on whatever criteria they’ve seen fit. The two will then listen to each track and discuss in turn.

Whether the guest is a musician, or dj, or artist, teacher, or what have you, the emergent conversations and threads are nearly always interesting.

I’ve only just started listening last week with episode 35 (with Marc Weidenbaum, author of the Aphex Twin SAWII 33 1/3 book), but have since binged on several more.

So, I urge you all to check it out, and would also like to solicit your thoughts on other podcasts that are of particular interest to musicians/sound-artists/etc!


i’ve been enjoying these lately:


that’d be @disquiet!

thanks for the link.


Thanks for listening, folks. I enjoyed being on that podcast. We talked about the music of Maria Chavez, Madeleine Cocolas, and Aphex Twin.


Didn’t realize you were a member. Quite enjoyed the episode, thanks so much for the introduction to Maria Chavez’s work!

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and whoa, morgan packard in episode #34. some of you might remember his supercollider apps for the grid. he’s made some great music: http://www.morganpackard.com

and heyy!! bob ostertag!! #10 !!!

thanks for linking this.


Yeah the Morgan Packard episode was great as well – also didn’t realize they were a grid/monome person as well. Does everyone good hang out here? :p

Glad you’re enjoying as well. I’ll have to go back and check out the Bob Ostertag ep.

I find that even if I don’t particularly care for a piece of music that a person has selected, the amount of thought and care and feeling that went into their choice is often enough to compel me to consider more deeply why I don’t like something and/or give it another shot.

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