Why we made this

update — fast forward to the future: lines --- we

this is brian writing. it’s the vernal equinox. we’ve been struggling to figure out how to “properly launch” a new idea in this saturated digital universe.

we’ve been fostering what could be called a healthy online community for just about ten years now. the monome community has generated an admirable amount of open-source code and patches, collaborative music releases, and engaging discussion.

the monome community has brought together mostly people enthusiastic about grids. yet much of the content generated has had a valuable, much broader appeal, and we would like to invite a greater audience beyond the (lovingly) grid-minded.

we’re seeking a meeting place for a community interested in sharing meaningful content and discussion. we value the decentralized emergence of information, not simply reacting to a single voice. we appreciate an environment that does not encourage hyper-consumption. we have no intention of being product-focused.

we are confident in this new forum software: discourse. it contains modern facilities for community building and information sorting. it’s fast, it’s mobile, and it has excellent searchability. well-designed community self-moderation is key. category muting allows you to ignore topics you’re not interested in (ie, trade, or monome).

in the end, this place will be determined by those who choose to use it. in these early days, we hope you might help us shape it, setting it on a path to even greater heights.


RSS support as well - nice. Into feedly it goes.

Thanks for this. I’ve really enjoyed hanging out in the Monome forums for the past few months, even if I haven’t posted a whole lot. The community is very positive and friendly and I’m sure that will continue in this new venue. The world needs more of that.

Looking forward to sharing here!

several weeks in now. thank you for helping get it moving!

we’re just now starting to promote this new site to the outside world. help us bring in new voices by sharing http://llllllll.co with your friends and family and networks.

and if you read something here you enjoy or appreciate, share something in return!



and more noiz…

I’m peeking in here to expand my knowledge and get inspired. Really excited to learn and discover!

Wow, this is great, have been looking for a place like this. I’ll make sure to share it around in fora I frequent, and have great faith in this place. Looking forward to all our discussions and sharing.

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So excited to be joining this community. I’ve been eyeing monome for a few months now and I finally got in through mlvr and a launchpad mini.

This community is incredible. I am looking forward to supporting future work.

Thank you for the work already done.


lines is one year old now! granted it evolved from the previous monome community-- but it has been wonderful to watch this place grow in new directions which extend far beyond the grid. thank you all for taking the time to be here and share ideas.



This is definitely my favorite forum/community online. Such a wide range of topics, all interesting!
Very happy to be a part of it.


i wanted to share that among many outlets and inlets online i now come here first because i will find a new idea, a shared thought or technique and the feeling even if it is telematic of a kindred spirit with many of the participants.

digging lines



Me too!
Easily the healthiest balance of ideas, media, materials, and everything in between!


found this site by accident after looking for some further details on a k-mix, great place to stumble upon, lots of unique insights and some beautiful gear…

curious as to how this site came to be?

Here’s a good post to start at:


Speaking of RSS, I’m trying to move more of my online content consumption out of twitter and random web links and into an RSS reader.

Discovering the discourse supports RSS has inspired me to try to pull various forums that I like to lurk into my reader, however - It seems like maybe the RSS feed from lines is broken.

Topics are out of order, many missing (not in the feed), and many in the feed but not on the site (because they’ve been deleted or modded into another thread? seems like a lot of them though).

Perhaps that’s an unavoidable byproduct of creating an RSS feed out of a forum, but curious if this is just an inadvisable way to consume topics on lines.

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Discourse forum software is very stateful in a way that is tied to your login. I wouldn’t expect reading it via RSS to feel like reading it on the website at all.

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That’s a fair point, and after more poking around it seems like lines is just more heavily/thoughtfully curated than some of the other forums I signed up for, so the ‘broken link’ thing doesn’t appear to happen with them but it’s just because they aren’t moving posts to more relevant threads etc.