Wide Out - Reel One

i normally make something like jazz/salsa/soul/indie music, but after a number of huge changes in my life (which i’m sure we can all relate to after this last year), i’ve been pulled in a different direction.

so this is a document of my first year with modular synthesis and norns. also my first attempt at something like an ambient/experimental album. a way to find calm during a global pandemic.

almost entirely improvised in single takes, some of them i’ve even forgotten how i made them. which is scary, but i’m learning to treasure moments we can never have back :sparkling_heart:

equipment: norns, modular synthesizers (pitched and rhythmic), guitar, bass, rhodes, elektron model:cycles, felt instruments lekko, logic, uad plugins

happy to describe in more detail any track you’re wondering about. and thanks for all the support and motivation from this wonderful community… i couldn’t have made this without you all. :pray:


Listening now and IMB is fantastic! Will come back to ask questions about process if I have any. Nice work on this and thank you for sharing it with us.

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thanks so much!

IMB patch notes are:


  • Marbles sequencing with no jitter or T bias, deja vu and length around 11 o’clock, both deja vu buttons engaged, T bias in flashing red mode, X spread at noon and green mode, voltage range at 0-+2V, no X bias, steps around 2
  • Marbles T1&X1 controlling Rings in Modal mode (shape around 10, bright and damp around noon)
  • Marbles T3&X3 controlling Mangrove (formant around 10, barrel around 2) through Ripples. T3 is triggering an ADSR with fast attack and somewhat long release, routed to a VCA
  • Hermod recorded a short loop for the bass, controlling Plaits in FM mode (harmonics at noon, timbre around 10 o’clock, morph around 2 o’clock)
  • Tides clocked and modulating Plaits timbre & morph, Rings position brightness & damp, Mangrove barrel
  • Rings and Mangrove are mixed and sent thru Lo-Fi Junky (full Lo-Fi, full wet, speed & depth around 2) into Clouds
  • Clouds with minimum position, density and texture around 3, size and pitch around noon, a fair amount of reverb

Piano: performed on a midi controller, and the sound is Felt Instruments Lekko on sustains mode with reverb and echo dialed up to around 25 and the air EQ dialed back about -7dB


you really nailed it. the whole album flows really well and I love how uptempo it is in certain spots. my favorite is the last song and Woven Ocean which has such a good groove and melody.

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Thanks so much! It’s called Reel One because I’m hoping to one day put it onto cassette (a C46). Woven Ocean will end side A, Beech Tree will end side B. Wanted both to end on an optimistic note :sun_with_face: