Wide Out - Side One

These songs have been bouncing around my head and hard drive for the last two or three years. I really wanted to get them just right. But after getting married, moving, and having my first child, I’m in a different headspace and creative mood now, and it felt right to finally release them, even if they had some rough edges and unfinished ideas here and there.

Most of it was written and recorded before I got into modular, so it’s mainly just a guitar, bass, drums, and rhodes. It’s a short release, about one side of one LP, and I hope to release at least one of these per year for… as long as I can. Eventually do a vinyl compilation. I’m excited to watch the content change as I change.

The mood of this one is contemplative, acoustic, spacious, wistful, and occasionally dramatic. Hopefully it resonates with you in these strange times.