Win 10 - current state of monome config/installation

The latest quick start directions make no mention of needing the ftdi stuff so i am just curious as to what the latest is for win10 users - is it still required?.. i also found this in the source as a comment… so perhaps it is? I am not sure how the implementation was handled.

/* XXX: we could theoretically rip out all this FTDI-specific nonsense

  •  and just get port notifications, but win32 libmonome only knows
  •  how to get serial numbers from FTDI devices anyway so there's
  •  no real win for that change. */

I am still having issues with stability / loss of light response (messages still sending) etc. lights freezing after a period of time

If everything is working “correctly” how should Monome devices show up in the windows device manager? As USB Serial Converters or Monomes?

For the time being to use my grids I have to rely on a legacy setup as I have been unable to get everything stable enough on latest. (win10 64bit / max8 / ableton 10 / varibright (orange lights) walnut 256/arc4)

In device manager my 128 just lists as “USB Serial Converter” with manufacturer FTDI. I do not believe I did any FTDI setup, just installed serialosc v1.4.1. This had some stability issues where I would have to frequently restart serialosc when using it with Supercollider, Python, and possibly also Max. When I tried this prerelease build it seemed to help a lot.