Wind Wand Instrument

anyone know the type of bullroarer this dude is using and/or where to buy any bullroarer? i found a guy who made them online but it looks like he passed away a few years ago and i haven’t been able to find any reliable source since…

Looks like a fancy bullroarer.

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Don’t remember what they’re called, but yeah, basically a bull roarer. The diamond shaped thing is a big rubber band and the bridge that is spreading it is moveable to “tune” it. Can’t remember where I saw one before though…

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yeah i’ve seen bull roarers in new zealand and australia. but i’ve never seen them in this shape at all. thanks so much for the reply!

i found out that the general name for this instrument is a wind wand. its a type of bullroarer but has a different name because it generates sound at a much lower speed. as well a google search for wind wand produces many results of where to buy this exact instrument. thanks for everyone’s help!