"Wind Wound Close" – Mark Reid

Hi all,

I’ve just released a collection of eleven melodic ambient and techno-ish pieces that I’ve made over the last year and half. All of the tracks are recorded as single, live takes and most feature a 104hp rack of Monome and Mannequins modules, which I have found incredibly inspiring over the last 12 months or so.

Below is a brief, track-by-track description of the album. If any of it sounds like something you might enjoy please grab a copy via the Bandcamp link below (it’s available for free / pay what you like).

I’ve also made videos of the performances for each of the track in this YouTube playlist.

Thanks for your interest and enjoy!

Wind Wound Close

  1. Just: Mellow, generative, just intoned melodies made by independently cycling the numerator and denominator of the interval through some simple values.
  2. Rise and Fall: An exercise in atmosphere building around a simple, repeating melody.
  3. Transport: Delay- and reverb-drenched, shoe-gazing synth lines fill some space for a while then leave.
  4. Transcience: Laid back, low tempo, acid-tinged techno jam.
  5. Polyminimal: Quiet, slow-building, minimal techno piece with glittering arpeggios.
  6. Surface Tension: Dark, cinematic, trembling synths.
  7. Genus One: Upbeat but relaxed. A straight-ahead techno jam.
  8. It’s Not What It’s Not: Some deep, dub-techno inspired fun.
  9. Carousel: Bobbing and weaving melodic lines over a bed of pads.
  10. Entanglement: Some cheery, bright, broken chords float above some driving bass and drums.
  11. Self, Corrected: Subdued, generative melodic lines over some deep, rich, improvised bass.

Some very nice tracks you have here, I get a lot of cinematic vibes, great timbres and breath, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for listening and for the kind words. Glad you liked the tracks.