Wine for Generative Audio History

I shared recently that i have made the move completely to linux and only maintain a Ableton10/Expert Sleepers machine now for my 12U composition environment,
Well, i was moving some old files from the old silver tower and found a folder of OLD i mean OLD Windows executables and one folder contained an installation EXE of KOANPRO

Koan Pro was a generative music application for windows 98 and XP made famous by Brian Eno and Written by the Cole Brothers. Now they go by intermorphic and have a similar vibe but i always had a a soft spot in my heart for the very first application i ever purchased for as i recall 300$ which was a TON of money in 1999.

Eno did a full album of "generative Koan Experiments and opened my eyes to WHY computers were really cool for making music. Back then i had a Prophet 600 Keyboard and starting composing music in durations of Days and Weeks [before i met & Studied with LaMonte & Marian) and i recall one night having fallen asleep with my first wife stephanie and we were both comfortably cuddling in bed when this searing tone blasted through the house and terrified us.
I was still learning the system and i had set a silence duration in minutes instead of second and at around 2am it started LOULDLY. haha

Anyway, i could not resist and right now i am listening to KOAN driving a Moog Minitaur and a Sub37. Heavenly Music.

Read more here:

Anyone else running wine? I know it’s popular for bridging VSTs but that is not as fun for me as this is :slight_smile:


A year with Spectral Appendices…


Damn, its a long time since I’ve seen that interface.

Flashbacks galore. Good times…

I was overjoyed it worked. I also tried this other weird Csound score creator “Visual Orchestra” and it pooped the bed

I’ve got a machine under the bed somewhere with Koan on it… I think it runs windows xp.

Maybe now is the right time!

Do you know if the intermorphic stuff is any good?

I’m not the best person to answer that cos I do work for them from time to time.

The emphasis now is on trying to make things as accessible and as simple as possible but the underlying midi engine is as complex and powerful as it ever was. If you used Koan the concepts and methods of that engine will be very familiar. As will be some of the frustrations (hi there fixed pattern voices)

As a generative midi controller (which is what I mostly use it for in my own stuff) I don’t think there is anything else out there that comes close. But I would say that, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

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intermorphic is
cool but koan was really just for a fun thing

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why? did you make it? :slight_smile:

No, the Cole bros make it.

I just make their synth presets and templates

oh cool!
Tim helped me alot when i started with computers :slight_smile:

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