Wing Pinger Patch Notes

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Patch Template in AI format : Wing Pinger Patch Template.pdf (523.4 KB)
Patch Template for Printing : Wing Pinger Patch Template For Printing.pdf (965.2 KB)

Happy Chinese New Year! We wish you a healthy, creative and fruitful year of ox. :izakaya_lantern: :ox:

// 鹂鸣 Bird Chirp by mafmadmaf @maf

// 叠鼓 Drum Layers by mafmadmaf @maf

// 狂夫 MadMan by mafmadmaf @maf

// 打萍 Buffeted Lotus by mafmadmaf @maf

// 楼台 Balcony by mafmadmaf @maf

// 攀登 Climb by Damon @sunbeamer


This is fantastic! Thank you so much…


Much appreciated @MengQiMusic for a such beautiful instrument. Very inspiring and I discovered some unique gestures. Hope you could find your own place and enjoy. Peace.

Wish you all the best in the year of ox.

Here’s my very first demo of 振翅, no cord patching, just doodled the knobs and switches.


How do you edit the original post ? Can’t find the button… Sorry, new to

Hi, I’ve added the tutorial in the first post.

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I don’t have the “edit” button. I think I’m too new to the forum !

You can send me your patches. I will add them to the first post. Thanks!

A new patch from @sunbeamer is added today. Thanks!
It shows the pentatonic steps from the STEP modulation.