Winterbloom Sol Codes/Firmwares

I got my @winterbloom Sol a while back, and while my audio gear has been out of commission, I’ve been working on some firmwares for it. Most of them are pretty well in the prototyping phase, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to discuss concepts and maybe provide a place for others to share.

My most polished firmware is SeqPal, which is a multichannel sequencer helper that I originally intended to use with ORCA. You could of course use it with any MIDI signals. It is limited a bit in that it squeezes 5 channels into 4 pairs of outputs (3 melodic + 2 percussion) and therefore can’t really provide deeper expression. It’s very useful, though.

It uses MIDI channels 1-3 (raw channel 0, 1, 2) on the a CV and 1 gate, b CV and 2 gate, and c CV and 3 gate, plus MIDI channels 4 and 5 (raw channels 3 and 4) as gates on d CV and 4 gate.

I’m also working on a couple of other firmwares, primarily meant to be used with either ORCA or the Beatstep Pro. My current project is to make a bank of LFOs and rhythm generators controlled by the BSP in control mode. Let me know what you’d be interested in seeing, either as updates to the SeqPal or in wholly new firmwares!


Ooh, thanks for posting, looking forward to trying out SeqPal.

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I created a firmware+max4live patch to control/change behavior of the cv outs:

It’s deff super beta right now, and there’s a bug with the clock outs but it’s works for what I need right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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