WIP original Volca Sample samplepack

I thought about using my sound design skills to create an entirely original one shot samplepack for Korg Volca Sample, in order to reach a collection of 10x10 sounds and cover the whole memory of the gear. The sounds are really short (mostly percussive) and are conceived to react in the best possible way to the simple modulation parameters offered by the Volca. I just started to work on that, so there are just a few sounds at the moment, but I’d love to hear some feedbacks to see if I’m heading toward the right direction, so I recorded this hyper short demo in order to showcase them. Please feel free to share your opinion! :slight_smile:


I have just picked up a second hand Volca sample on ebay. . Are these all the same or is it only the later ones that can be re-written? Anyway very interested in getting something more original in mine when it comes… if possible.

All Volca Sample are basically the same. There’s a limited edition for a band (ok go, I think) that looks pretty bad and has different factory samples but these are the only differences. It would be sad if you couldn’t change the sounds :slight_smile:

Yeah the banks are all equal, but I think that the main purpose of the Sample is to allow you to sequence and play with your sounds (that you can upload via an app called AudioPocket) :slight_smile:

Ha ha I just got an OK GO one- didn’t know they were a band. Yes the graphics are horrible and teenagey- probably why I got it cheap! good to know they are all uploadable -

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