slow oscillators for crow outputs from norns.


demo rundown: crow 1 modulates “time” effect with random walk, crow 2 modulates filter with key envelope + latoocarfian, crow 3 modulates pitch with wobbly sine and midi note, crow 4 modulates volume with random walk. tldr: lots of randomness in everything.

with wobblewobble you can…

  • assign each of the four crow outputs one of many different types of slowly oscillating modulation sources.
  • configure crow as midi->CV or midi->envelope atop any oscillation (or none)
  • visualize slow oscillations from crow inputs (<7hz)

this script was also designed to be a library (all functionality is available in the menu) so that it can be imported for crow functionality from other scripts. no examples of this yet, though.


  • norns
  • crow


from the main norns screen you can:

  • hold K1 and K2/K3 to switch crow
  • press K2/K3 to switch modulator
  • E1 changes frequency
  • E2/E3changes lfo min/max
  • K1+E2 or K1+E3 changes meta

the params menu has more options, including:

  • clamping the absolute minimum and maximum values
  • add midi input to control pitch (top note, any note) or add an envelope
  • meta params for the modulators
  • change slew rate

oscillators are configured in SuperCollider making it easy to configure / design / add new oscillators, including complex ones from the chaotic UGens. current oscillators:







wobbly sine








random walk




standard chaotic








many many thanks to @proswell for the excellent additions (grid support, five more modulators, adding inputs, adding metas) as well as testing.

any other PRs are welcomed with open wings.


;install https://github.com/schollz/wobblewobble

That demo is super nice!


This, THIS! This is something I’ve wanted for Crow for a while! Thank you!!!

Out of curiosity, in the demo is the OP-1 controlling any part of the script or just playing through Strega?


thanks :slight_smile: my first few hours with crow…instant magic for me.

op-1 is playing through the strega. its also controlling part of the script.

the strega pitch is being controlled by the op-1, while also oscillating with a “wobbly sine” (very small oscillations in the pitch though). the op-1 is also modulating the filter of the strega - an envelope is generated from a midi key press that envelope is then added to that crow’s output (which happens ot be randomly oscillating according to a chaotic UGen).

basically, for every crow output you can have midi input modulate the CV (through pitch, or through a envelope on key press). easy to add more modulation too if desired, the code is pretty slim and easy.


Mmm what a nice demo. I glanced at the code to see if I could manage to add MIDI CC out (since i have no modular gear). No promises but I’ll try to see if I could have a crack at it.


Simple and useful script. Thanks.
I am trying to use crow input 1, 2 as modulator for other output’s parameter.

great script, any idea how one would add ii er301 stuff to this?

accessing ii stuff from crow in norns is really similar to how it looks when scripting on crow, i don’t have any ii devices to test w/ but scripting with norns | monome/docs , i’m forgetting the exact spot but the callback where it’s changing values for the voltage on the outputs, you’d drop stuff for er301 in there

Definitely a quick hack at this point but this pushing four streams of CC values to an NTS-1 is a nice drone machine I’ll leave running for the night.

Nice job on the engineering side :woman_factory_worker: I’ll try to get a pull request in order at some point.

Half a year later lol: my hack for output works fine, and shreds any MIDI device to pieces with sweet sweet CC chaos. However i didn't manage to add parameters without the menus exploding. I tried to replicate the "only show MIDI params if a MIDI input device is activated", but sadly didn't manage it. Hashtag #fail 😓

Surprised this thread hasn’t received a lot of comments, the thing is brilliant. I considered getting an NTS-2 (DATA takes too many hp) to visualize complex LFOs, but there is no such need with this app. It can now be done while generating complex modulations with a hands-on UI.

Thank you, for everything you do, I’m new to Norns and only recently discovered your scripts – the stuff is mind-boggling. And I think Wobblewobble is what will get me into coding: for starters, theoretically this script could be combined with an existing sequencer (Crow inputs for visualizing LFOs, 1-2 for pitch/gate, 3-4 for LFOs), right?


glad to have you in the nornsiverse! thanks for the very kind words and welcome :slight_smile: please feel free to ask questions. if you haven’t already I would highly recommend the norns tutorials - the softcut studies, and building an engine. its hard not to have a million ideas for cool things to do after doing those studies :star:

yes! if the script you are combing it with has an engine then it will need some work to merge the two engines because you can’t have two different engines playing (but you can merge all the important bits together).

I don’t have a NTS-2 but I would bet its better generally - much better resolution and scaling etc. but the norns is just nice to have in a pinch I find.


Keystep> Norns> wobblewobble> Crow> tesseract Radioactive & Transistor ladder filter.

Super fun, thanks for making this. It’s great :grinning:

thanks again @infinitedigits - super useful
my only question (two parts) is - the inputs on crow are only to visualize what is fed to them no way to utilize the CV and what is meta / meta2?


Would be possible to test your MIDI semi-hack-try script??? I really want to try it. I know anything about lua programming but maybe others with more experience could help too.