Women and Trans People Discussion thread

So! stuff has been going down on the Where are the women and non cis males? thread, so I thought I’d start the thread about us that we actually want to read!

I’d love to hear from the other people on this thread who aren’t cis men - women and trans people! (don’t worry guys you can join in too just be respectful). This can be a place for discussing how identity is related to process, how it affects your interactions with music and the music industry, pretty much the good discussion that was happening on this previous thread before it went a bit wrong!

Would be really great if we could keep this thread a safe space, so people who might be otherwise worried or reluctant about sharing experiences can feel free to do so. I understand @glia was possibly interested in actively moderating a thread like this?

Anyway, I’ll start, I’m a trans woman, I’m an art student working in sound art, using mostly field recordings and modified tapes, but I’ve just dipped my toe into modular :slight_smile: At some point I really want to make a looping sound piece about transphobia in the media and how if you google pretty much any trans issue your more likely to see transphobia than support, but im struggling to collect any raw material as every time I start searching it gets too intense.


Thanks for starting this thread!

@pheeb: I’m also working with field recordings :slight_smile:

My practice - I’m an audio-visual artist working in psychogeography, and using aspects like field recording, field footage, music visualisation and performance to address questions like the what and why an artist would choose a certain landscape to base their work. A lot of my work has an undertone of trauma.

Currently I identify as a woman, although I sometimes wonder if I’m more closer to NB or transmasculine…but she/her pronouns are okay :slight_smile:


I just want to say that as a mod here on line I feel a bit sorry that the other thread went so bad and that I will keep an eye on this one to make sure it doesn’t get that far again! I can’t be a moderator but I can watch over it from the backstage.


Same here. Definitely not a mod, but I’m adjusting my tactic, which will definitely involve tapping that Flag button the moment something seems fishy. I hesitated too long in the other thread.


Thanks :slight_smile: it really does mean a lot how welcome and accepting lines is, and I really appreciate people’s enthusiasm for keeping it that way!


Thanks also @pheeb!

I’m a non-binary person and I work in many mediums, though mostly sound and poetry. I feel very called to forms that are adaptable and layered, which I think is something like how I express my gender, so I tend to create works and be in projects that speak within their contexts but present my view of them at the same time.

So for a zombie film about race I wanted to make a score that can be tense but intimate, and a long poem about exhuming Anne Hutchinson’s voice from her male prosecutors that can be defiant but also definite but also without borders. And sometimes I’m too experimental for an old school synth show, but I don’t want to abandon my own representation in my work just to fit in, either. Might also still be Anne’s voice in mine. It’s a tough line.


That sound really interesting!! I have been thinking a lot about combining poetry with my music, especially with modular which seems like a kind of poetry in itself.
I do find collaboration and working as one voice in a larger project suits me too, sort of gives me something to work off, and I like the challenge of, as you said, keeping your own view while fitting the wider work.


Like probably a lot of nonbinary GenXers, I grew up knowing that my gender assigned at birth wasn’t the whole story, but didn’t have the tools to figure it out, or the awareness that other people felt similarly, until more recently.

But I’ve always been into the concept of liminal and fluid states and spaces. I’ve always been comfortable with the idea that there are few or no absolutes, that things don’t fit perfectly into neat boxes, and no matter how good we think our maps are, they’re not the territory.

So that attitude definitely informs my music, but I haven’t really themed anything specifically around gender (yet) or felt like it directly affects my process. But now you’ve got me thinking about it. I do like “encoding” thoughts and themes into my music, though I don’t use lyrics (nor vocal samples anymore) – it directs my creative process even if what comes out seems entirely abstract.


Don’t want to overstep my bounds, but I’d highly recommend anyone and everyone check out my friend Sarah Hennies’ work. Not only because she is brilliant, but because she is exploring some of this subject matter.


Listened to the why we beep podcast this morning, when they were talking about forums ect. I kept thinking ‘lines isn’t like that’! This really is a refreshing place. Definitely lots of interesting stuff said about women and especially sully young women being introduced to music technology.
I don’t hugely engage in those sort of videos, mainly because a lot of the topics are things (far right stuff) that is rather not be reminded of even as a critique, I dong have the distance from it! It’s really great there are people out there making a difference in people’s perceptions though!


hello all, i just finally made an account here after having followed the monome/lines community since around 2014. so, long time lurker, first time poster.

anyways, (i’m not very good at this sort of thing, but) just to introduce myself a bit, my name’s Isabelle, i’m from the northeastern US, i make guitar-based ambient/drone music mostly when i can find the time or inspiration. haven’t released anything yet but i do have some clips up on instagram, my handle there is the same as it is here. anyways, just wanted to drop in and thank you all for being such an invigorating and accepting community, even to us long-term bystanders who aren’t always directly involved in the conversation; this thread reads like a very comforting invitation and that kind of thing seems to be exceedingly rare on internet forums.

also, i was astonished to see mentions of a few of my favorite creative people already in this thread, Sarah Hennies and Contrapoints! can’t recommend Sarah’s work enough, such a kind and gifted human being.

looking forward to finally posting things here and there, pleasure to meet you and see you around :black_heart:


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stay positive, everyone.


Welcome :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I hoped this thread would be, a welcome to people that feel so unwelcome everywhere else, and that makes me really happy!

Enjoying your Instagram :slight_smile:

Okay so question for you and anyone else on this thread (as why we bleep episode 4 got me thinking)

What got you into eurorack? Or electronic music in general?


hey yall. my name is echo and i’m a queer agender trans person. i live in the pnw where i am currently designing my first eurorack module ( a 20 hp four track clocked looper thing). i really love making techno and weird synthesizer music with my friends here. previously making glitchy witch house idm under the name lich was my jam but now i’ve settled into making improvised techno. i’m saving up songs for an album and developing a live set so most of my current work is posted in small clips on instagram these days. things arent always bad but i’m honestly really tired all the time and living in this country feels like me and my friends are being slowly ground to a pulp sometimes. i’m working towards relocating out of a major city to a small town where i can hide in the woods for a while. i cant wait to see what finally getting to live futher out in nature does to my work and life.

thank you for starting a new thread @pheeb !! and thank you to @tehn and the mods for being more on top of things after all this happened.


Designing a module!!! I’m just getting started with diy modules but yea designing one from scratch is awesome!!

I’m currently in the middle of doing the same thing, moving out from the city (though I’m in Scotland). It’s going to be such an inprovent but right now moving is so so stressful :sweat:
Hiding in the woods is my go to panic button, trees have no gender and couldn’t care less about yours! I feel like I may need to get hold of more battery powered music things for this though :wink:


I’ve been encouraging everyone I care about to consider moving from cities to less populated places. It’s a bit of a contrarian view, and accomplishing it can be socially and politically tricky in some geographies, but just reducing the density of humanity around us can go some way towards returning our senses to a level of stimulation more in line with millions of years of experience and evolution. Cities are a human invention, but humans weren’t invented for cities.


I totally aggree, I’m lucky enough to live in Scotland where the rural and natural areas can be found 20 minuites out of Glasgow where the friends and the music venues are!
Though having grown up in a very isolated rural area, moving to the city for my late teens/early 20s was amazing (and the first time I was able to feel comfortable exploring the gender feels that lead to me transitioning). It was fun, but I’m again longing for quiet.


hi there, thanks for the follow and the kind words! :blush: i wanted to note that it’s not so much that i feel overwhelmingly unwelcome in other forums, but rather that this one seems like a particularly all-around nice place, and i’m grateful for that.

i took the plunge into financing a very modest eurorack system (still haven’t filled my 6u 84hp case yet) towards the end of 2016 after having stumbled across some videos of drone music being made with a doepfer A-100 system on youtube back in 2013, and then subsequently spending a lot of time researching and learning synthesis, reading forums, and keeping up with product developments in the meantime. i was already very interested in synths but was unaware of the modular format prior. i come from the world of guitar pedals and shoegaze-type processing techniques mostly, so i’m more interested in the overlap between that and modular which seems to have been developing steadily in recent years.

slightly tangential, but i’m very much interested in the idea of developing diy modules/standalone hardware as well, but have lacked the resources and connections to pursue any sort of formalized education down that path. i’ve picked up bits of programming languages and electronics know-how over the years, but am very curious if there’s anyone in here on the US East Coast who’d be interested in… tutoring, i guess? i learn best from IRL interactions, the old “show up to a place, learn a thing from a person” method haha. kind of a shot in the dark, but i figured here might be the place to ask!


If you are interested in hardware, are you aware of music from other space, handmade music and other resources? They’ve been listed on other threads before. PM me and I can provide more info. Don’t want to derail the general flow of this thread.