Workshop: Intro to Livecoding with TidalCycles Sunday 7/12

Hi, Babycastles artspace is hosting an online workshop (via Zoom and Twitch) this Sunday 3pm EDT (east coast time in the US) on the livecoding tool TidalCycles.

Info on the workshop to sign up is here. We ask that those who sign up please install in advance (link with info on the signup page) since it differs for each system. We will both use twitch and have an (experimental) section in the middle for participants to join via Zoom as well to show off what they’re working on.

We ask for a voluntary sliding scale fee of $5-15. We stream on Twitch (link easy to find and you get it by signing up). All of our past workshops get uploaded to our YouTube later, and this will be as well.


I’m there! Babycastles’ last workshop on Orca was awesome.

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