Workshop/Talk on Arcologies this Sunday 9/20 3pm EDT

Hello, Babycastles is hosting @tyleretters presenting a workshop on many things, including Arcologies! It’s this Sunday 9/20 at 3pm EDT.

The title is Babycastles Academy: The Software Blues - Agonies and Ecstasies of Creating Ambitious Artwork

You can sign up and we ask for $5 - 15. We stream to Twitch. More info at the link! Afterwards, we archive the video and upload to our youtube, at


Software is hard and making art is already hard enough. There are problems of starting, problems of continuing, and problems of finishing. Add to all that mess dependency hells, self-esteem issues, aesthetic merit, questions of authenticity… chart these waters with confidence and you’ll be rewarded with fulfillment and joy. Misstep and risk years of mumbling, “Someday, I’ll finish that thing.”

Join Tyler Etters as he shares strategies and tactics for navigating this messy process from inception to release. Using his latest piece, arcologies, as a case-study, we’ll learn how to get unstuck and persevere through those dark nights.

Tyler Etters is a polymath-artist currently residing in Los Angeles. Arcologies is his latetest project. It is “an interactive environment for designing 2d sound arcologies with norns and grid.” You can learn more about him and the project at and


I am IN! I was JUST reading about Arcologies and thinking I’d use it to make my next Succulent Farmer release!



and lines-exclusive preview content!!1!1

phase iii - “tap”

tapping is the point where you are ready to make the first stroke of the brush, the first flourish of notes, the first mark of the medium. to some the blank page is a terrifying opponent, to me it is my dearest friend and closest confidant.

once you “tap” your idea for the first time, i’ve found there are three ways it can go.

first it can be a total dud. you were stoked about it but once you start working with it you’re just not excited. beware - this feeling is not to be confused with procrastination or fear or self-doubt. some ideas just suck. let it go. stop wasting your time.

second you can end up “looping” - revisiting and re-tapping the idea too many times but never really taking it anywhere. each time you tap it it looses a bit of the glow. i have some projects and stories that i’ve overtapped and i’m just not thrilled about them anymore. had i gone for it with conviction they could have been something, but the slow drip over the years has drained the inspiration out of them.

third - the floodgates blast open and push you through the first threshold. the idea is a good one. you made something that works: it piques your curiosity or it is satisfying or aesthetically conducive to your practice. enough media has been transmuted from ideas to the physical world to stick and to start resembling something you might one day be proud to put your name on.

to me, this sensation is like capturing lightning in a bottle. the hairs on my arms stand up and i get the first prickles of that certain feeling of actualization.

now it is time to channel…


hey! this is happening todayyyy. grab tickets and support babycastles:

  • 7pm utc
  • 3pm edt
  • 2pm cdt
  • 1pm mdt
  • 12 pm pdt

see you on twitch!

EDIT: thanks all who came out! here’s a link to my deck. we’ll be posting the video to youtube later.


The video is now archived online and can be found here on youtube: