World of Versio

Didn’t see a thread for the Noise Engineering Versio platform, so I thought I’d start one :slight_smile:

I’m trying out Melotus right now and I’m surprised it doesn’t seem to have a v/oct input - just the octave up and down. Anyone run into this?


Melotus is quite a bit different from Clouds/Beads or many other granular processors. The way I think of it, it’s like a Gatling gun made of delays, with Sparse controlling how many delays and Length the speed it rotates between them (crossfading them in and out over each other). The octave shifting in it is sort of “shimmer reverb” style, independent of the grains.

Clouds has a single buffer and multiple “play heads” that read from it. The pitch shifting just speeds up/slows down the grain playback.


that’s a cool perspective, and it makes a lot of sense the more I learn the controls (which, on melotus, are SUPER nice. my favorite of the versios so far)

I just can’t help but feel like with triggering grains and a v/oct input it would be so much more flexible :wink: but hey, that’s what custome-firmware modules are for. Also every clouds clone ever made. So in a way I appreciate that it’s doing something different with shimmery granulation

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I just fired up my new “generic” Versio last night, not even sure what firmware is installed by default. Still fun to twist knobs. Found out each version displays an LED code on startup.

Here’s the only big user-made release I’ve seen: Multi Versio (beta) - Unofficial Versio Firmware! New 0.5 version! - Page 3 - MOD WIGGLER

And magnetic faceplates, sold out until next year: Versio overlays - Winterbloom


these do look interesting. So you can swap the program it runs using usb? but it doesnt have a usb port on the front ? is this a bit of an oversight? Maybe im misunderatnding this part?

The overlays aren’t magnetic, they’re acrylic. I don’t know how they are with the standard knobs, with with the Rogan soft-touch knobs I usually swap out for on Noise Engineering modules, the knobs definitely keep the plate securely in place. The downside, of course, is I have to remove the knobs to change faceplates :wink:

Versio modules are based on the Electrosmith Daisy Seed, which is pretty much an off-the-shelf board mounted on the back. That’s where the USB port is. To update you need to press a couple of buttons on that after plugging in the USB cable – it would have required custom mods to make that accessible from the front (and a bigger panel, and more expense, etc.)

In practice, I don’t find myself updating much. Maybe because it requires unracking the modules :laughing: but also, I find that sticking with a firmware for a while makes it more familiar and I can get more out of it.

Right now my two Versios are running Melotus and Lacrima. When new firmware is available I might try it out but I really like these two. I also use the Ruina VST and have no doubt I’ll buy Desmodus when it comes out as a VST.


with the stock knobs, the overlays slide right on over the knobs and seem to sit fairly snugly. no problem with them falling off so far!