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I had a go on the soundstage at TFoM as well and was sold on it. I use nearness a lot, and this seems like a beefed up version with filtering and cv control.

The vector space is really cool too!

Any word on pricing? I’m pretty sold on this for my setup.

I asked about that but he wasn’t sure yet so I’d rather not mention anything related to this.

There are a lot of things going on in there despite the simple faceplate (many filters and VCAs) so it won’t be super cheap. But not insanely expensive either I think. It’s already got 2 PCBs to handle all that stuff. He mentioned that he was tempted to add some nice sounding soft clipping circuit to it but that would have meant having yet another PCB so that got cut :slight_smile:.

Btw, as I mentioned Worng modules are built by WMD so that’s a good assurance of quality/etc. and that means shops should be able to get them easily…


Sure, fair enough.

I’m imagining some way of sending/fading multiple signals to multiple inputs on this. Not sure what module could do that though? Perhaps it’s a matrix thing or just a bank of panners? VC essential. Something like RxMx or QuBit Synapse but in reverse…

I’m wondering the same. Planar could be pretty interesting with it, and even Cold Mac (wait that would be amazing!) but yeah I would like to try it with RxMx.

It does look pretty rad. I’ve been thinking about getting a second LRMSMSLR and pairing them with the 2hp nearness when the boards become available, but could just get one of these instead.

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Thought that too… though never used it. Being able to move from LFO to audio rate could produce some interesting effects. I’m assuming the depth CV in on SoundStage can be modulated at audio-rate too…

His name’s Morgan. Used to mix my sister’s band back in the day and she said he was a lovely dude and a great sound guy.

Yeah Morgan McWaters. He’s from here in Melbourne, top guy.

Also, availability should be early-ish next year. February or March I think he said, if everything goes right.

SoundStage will retail for $350.


From Worng Electronics’ website:

SoundStage Stereo Spectral Mixer

SoundStage is a stereo mixer module unlike any other. Completely reimagining what a mixer needs to be in a Eurorack system, SoundStage helps you build your mix just by patching your voices in.

Inputs are placed in the stereo field depending on their horizontal patch position left to right, and placed in the frequency spectrum depending on vertical patch position, with twenty carefully tuned analogue resonant -12dB/octave Sallen-Key filters to give definition to low, low mid, mid, high mid and high voices.

Depth of filtering and output level have dedicated controls and bipolar CV inputs, allowing creative uses such as sidechain compression and rhythmic filtering. The twenty-one individual inputs forgo level controls as this can be controlled at the VCA stage of each voice, saving on doubling up and wasting space. The static stereo pan positions are chosen so the stereo image is wider for higher frequency voices, giving your mix solidity in the low end and width in the highs.

  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw:
    +12V: 150mA
    -12V: 150mA
    +5V: 0mA

Manual: here


@DivKid video with Morgan. Headphones or good speakers are definitely essential for getting the full effect with this video.


Gosh… imagine a couple of Cold Macs’ fade circuits sweeping “around the room.”


something using the JAG and this module would be fun

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Or a Worng Vector Space…

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Hi all, thanks for the kind words in this thread!

Just wanted to say hi and let people know SoundStage is now shipping, very much looking forward to people getting their hands on these very soon.



Just got a vector space and I am really liking it!


Very excited for Sound Stage. :black_heart:


Welcome to lines, @worng!


I just received my Soundstage. Only had a little time this morning with it, but so far so good. Level can make things REALLY LOUD, which was a nice surprise, and the filtering with Depth is neat. I can see pairing this with a DivKid Mutes or something similar could be interesting.