Writing about your own artistic/music practice

There’s no right or wrong way to do this! You’re likely not getting paid ((*or maybe you are?) and it’s okay to chart your own path. Some things you could consider: Have you read any other personal writing from a musician describing their own practice that you really connected with? What did you like about the writing? Was there a system underlying it (even if very simple) that can help you make an outline or think about your own structure? Ok, and separate from this, it’s important to also get started by ignoring all this and just writing writing writing. Then you can edit down, re-arrange dramatically and cut cut cut. But it’s helpful to have an idea in mind before you start the writing.
Also, I can’t say enough for the pomodoro technique and just starting a 25 minute timer, no distractions, and just letting yourself write uninterrupted.
When doing your editing, consider your possible audience! Remove jargon. Invite them in.