Writing Melodies Without Chords

Ah! Music Mouse! I loved this musical tool and used it for study and performance art in 1989+.
I wrote Laurie Spiegel, got an upgrade and then, poof, new OS, not compatible. It ran on a Mac512K, a PowerBook 100 too. Got the disk still.
And the web app based on it is very good look-and-feel. I wonder if the keyboard shortcuts work with it, and MIDI In. Power to the iPads.

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@ammo I believe that there are quite a few keyboard shortcuts and midi features…it’s a pretty full-featured app! I’ve been collecting random web apps here if you want to take a look to see if any others are inspiring. Wild to think about how much is just instantly accessible and a click away these days.
Web apps for music/video/etc. making

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What is a scale but an extended chord? Cmaj7+9+11+13.

But I get your point.

I just got the book “Self-Similar Melodies” by Tom Johnson. I’ve only read a few random pages, but it’s about different ways to structure melodies by using math and what are basically algorithms instead of classical-music-derived harmony

From the intro:

Self-similar melodies are melodies constructed entirely by repeated applications of a single procedure.

There’s some music notation in it but a whole lot more mathy diagrams (:heart_eyes:) . The music notation is just one line at a time, so it’s not like a dense music theory textbook or anything.

I was looking for a cover to post, but…it appears there is an extensive preview on his website (thanks @wheelersounds for checking it out more thoroughly than me!)


Seems like it’s only an extensive preview, but great find!