WW and Intellijel Metropolis

Anyone use their WW with a Metropolis? Thoughts on clock and such?

I often use my Metropolis as the master clock, mostly because it has a convenient dial-in BPM. WW clocks from it fine.

I almost always go Metropolis -> 4MS QCD -> WW / all sorts of other modules … for instant fun.

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Do you find it hard to start the Metropolis from a desired point, i.e. does not being able to shift or nudge the sequence become a source of concern when running it with another sequencer like WW? I only caught a glimpse of this type of problem from a review on modulargrid.

I’m currently using Metropolis to modulate a filter. Pittsburgh Modular MIDI3 clock out to WW clock in, WW clock out to Metropolis clock in. Metropolis pitch out to filter CV.


The modulargrid link author seems to be talking about being able to rotate the sequence steps in a Metropolis. It would certainly be possible to implement this in the firmware. I think it would be weird because you’d either have to reset to a step which isn’t the first, or move the steps behind the scenes so they’re out of sync with the display.

(Disclaimer: I work on the metropolis firmware…)

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Ok so now I see what he’s trying to achieve - somewhat counter to dealing with physical sliders and a little in the same vein as looking for a modular patch recall without having to move any cables.

Will be fun to see how in my case the WW, Metropolis, MI Grids, ES-3 compliment each other.

I own both the WW and of course the Metropolis… they’re kind of my “jamming” sequencers. I never really care if they are reset in sync to anything else as I tend to use them in a very hands on fashion with odd sequence lengths, polyrhythms, and jumping around a lot. If I have a sequence in either I’d like to keep and use in a more structured fashion I record it to my ER-101 and incorporate it in to a more structured form there.

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As others have mentioned, the White Whale and Metropolis function well together and are fairly complementary when making rhythm and melody-based compositions with a modular. While it may be a bit overkill, a Metropolis controlling a baseline with the White Whale on kick/hat/snare duties is an awesome recipe for electro tracks.

I like using my Metropolis as a master clock if I’m going to be tweaking the tempo in real time, as there is a noticeable normalization period when feeding the Metropolis changes in tempo via an external clock.

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