WW: How to play only 1 step?

I must have overlooked something in the manual, so apologies in advance for the dumb question, but how can I set the White Whale to only play one step? The minimum I can get is that it alternates between 2 steps. Thanks in advance!

looking at the code [and confirmed by trying] it’s not possible, as it expects 2 different buttons to be pressed in the 2nd row in order to set the loop length. single button press is always interpreted as changing the playback position.

I think if you buy a Monome Walk you you can use that to trigger the WW step by step. So you can hold on one step for as long as you want. Can anyone confirm that?

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yep, just by plugging one of the Walk outputs to the WW clock in! very very useful.

it will set the CV outputs to the current step values but it won’t output triggers based on the clock. if you need triggers as well then the only way i can think of is duplicating a step and setting the loop length to 2.

true. I think if you want the triggers to change but pitch to remain consistent and un-touched, disengage the pitch step after the initial trigger and set a loop of two to cycle through manually and get the other CVs active. it’s not clocked, but it’s sure as heck fun.

I so wish it would be possible in realtime without having to go thru hoops. I see 2 options for this.

Reading thru the manual it seems that most combinations using alt and meta are already taken:

  • hold alt and push meta enters Serial mode
  • hold meta while selecting a loop prevents cutting during selection
    So the only free combination would be to hold meta, then press alt and the single step you want to be played. Still a bit too complicated for my taste.


  • Short tab on a step cuts to that steps
  • Long tab on a step sets loop to just that step.

Please, pretty please, can we get this?

I like option 2. 1 seems way too complicated :slight_smile:

The downside is you increase the latency of a cut since you have to wait and see if it turns into a long press or not. Although I guess you could cut right away and then see if it turns into a long press afterwards.

option 2 won’t work as it cuts to position on button down, not button up, so it would always cut. but there is another way, since holding meta while setting the loop length doesn’t cut. so you could:

  • select a step and hold - it’ll cut to the position and set the loop length to 1
  • press meta and then press the step twice (or hold) - it’ll set the loop length but won’t cut to the position

or just keep it simple and use meta and press the step twice, you lose the ability to cut at the same time but then all you have to do is press the step, press meta, press the step again.

Yes it always cuts, but if you’re planning to just play one step, what’s wrong with just cutting to it?

if you don’t cut once you set the loop it will continue to play steps until it finds the new loop, which can make for some interesting variations, so if you always cut you would lose that.

also, for holding you’d want the threshold to be long enough that it doesn’t get triggered accidentally after pressing the first step while you’re trying to decide what loop length you want.

Hardcore. Setting a loop start point while still undecided as to the final length of the loop. Life on the edge. :slight_smile:

True…right now, a long-hold on a step allow you to consecutively change the loop length end without having to press the loop start again – which might be essential behavior for some users.

That leaves option 1: hold meta, then press alt followed by the single step you want to be played. Still easy enough to remember and play in my book.