WW: How to reset using an empty preset

For my WW to play in tempo with a sequencer it is clocking (WW clock out to Mutable Instruments Grids) - how exactly do I reset the grids using an empty preset? I tried pushing the button next to the USB on WW, and then chose a glyph representing an empty pattern. I still can’t get the Monome/WW to start on the one downbeat. The WE is running the most recent official firmware. Any help much appreciated.

Edited: for clarity

can you explain more precisely what you’re trying to accomplish?

how do you want to reset the downbeat? you can of course push the first button in the second row of the grid. and (using teletype) you can use II to create an input trigger to reset the downbeat as well.

I want the first beat on the WW to be in sync with the first beat on my MI Grids.

In the old forums around last year it was suggested that one should open an empty preset. But now there is a reset button on the monome when connected to WW? i must be looking at the wrong things in the manual.

Running WW without TT as it stands.

HI, for what its worth, MI grids has clock out marked on the circuit board… so maybe clocking WW from grids ?

just swapped the firmware back to the recent WW version from orca the other day so I’ll see if it works.

to sync grids and WW as described would be cool…
let us know how you sort it out in the long run.