that demo made me realize how much i miss the earthsea runes! great work!


thank u so so much for this, its changed my entire workflow & setup!


You’re a gem @Dewb , I mean it.


Thank you! amazing stuff

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This looks amazing. Any plans for adding Kria or Orca to these?

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Just bought VCVRack 2 PRO and went hunting for the new Monome modules…Happy to see they are on their way!

Look what showed up 8 days later:

Release v2.0.0-alpha5 · Dewb/monome-rack (github.com)


Second this. I would love Kria. Thank you for your amazing work.

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this really rocks 20 chars

@Dewb Would it be helpful to add the “vcvrack” tag to this discussion? That way it’ll show up here:


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It would! The thread is so old at this point that I can’t edit the top post (which is why it still has the confusing title) but if someone else can tag it that would indeed be helpful.


Sure thing. I just added. Many thanks.


Here’s a release for VCV Rack 2 – this originally went up on Friday but I snuck some bug fixes in last night based on discord feedback. Most of the changes are for Rack 2 API compatibility, or to take advantage of new Rack 2 UI features, but there are also some performance improvements.

Release v2.0.0-alpha5 · Dewb/monome-rack · GitHub

Rack SDK v2.0.3
earthsea v1.9.4 4b88b2e
meadowphysics v2.1 39a2139
teletype v4.0.0 efd6503
white whale v1.5 6dfef61

Installation instructions

First, delete any previous versions (folders or .zip/.vcvplugin files) of the plugin from the plugins folder within your Rack2 user folder. Then download the .vcvplugin file for your platform from the links below. Place the file in your Rack2/plugins folder, and restart Rack.

The exact user folder location depends on your OS version and cloud-documents integrations, here are some suggestions to find it reliably:

  • MacOS: Finder, Go menu, click Documents > Rack2/plugins
  • Windows: Right-click Explorer on taskbar, click Documents > Rack2/plugins
  • Linux: ~/.Rack2/plugins

Additional info is available in the Rack documentation on installing non-library plugins.

NOTE: For maximum safety, you may also want to export Teletype scenes from your favorite patches before upgrading.

Changelog from v1.0.0-alpha4 to v2.0.0-alpha5:

  • VCV Rack 2 Free support
    • Graphics refresh to match Rack 2 aesthetic
    • More informative jack and knob tooltips
    • Streamlined right-click menus
    • Provisional support for VCV Rack 2 Pro VST
      • still testing different DAW/OS combinations; please share your observations
  • New option to decrease I/O sampling rate for reduced CPU use
    • Modules primarily interact with control-rate signals, so processing I/O every step is unnecessary
    • Slight downsampling is enabled by default
    • I/O rate can be decreased even further, or increased back to audio-rate, from right-click menu
    • Timers and events always use wall-clock time and are not affected by downsampling
  • Teletype improvements
    • Screen drawing uses less CPU
    • Screen should not glitch when the Rack engine is stopped (e.g., when no audio output device is selected)
    • Built-in scenes available as factory presets in right-click Presets menu
    • Importing to the active scene changes
      • New behavior for Active Scene > Import from file and Active Scene > Paste and init new scene from clipboard: active scene will be cleared, new script loaded, and I init script will run, just as if the scene had been loaded from flash memory.
      • Additional option Active Scene > Paste and merge clipboard into current scene keeps the alpha2/3/4 behavior; you can paste a scene fragment or pattern block into your current scene without changing the rest of the scene. The init script will not be run automatically, even if the clipboard includes it.
  • Virtual grid improvements
    • Keys are now mappable with VCV MIDI Map
      • Note: VCV MIDI Map is unidirectional, with no LED feedback, so this is more useful for meta/alt keys than whole-grid MIDI mapping
    • Better handling of dragging across grid keys; previous key is released before next key is pressed
    • Keys held with Ctrl/Cmd-click are now drawn “pressed” rather than with a highlight ring
    • Grids have a more interesting preview image in the module library

I’m not quite sure how to get my Grid to register with the VCV grid. Is there anything I need to do other than selecting the grid module in VCV as well as one of the others?

Do you have serialosc installed? If you do, you don’t need to place a virtual grid in VCV Rack, just right-click a module and your grid should show up.

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I did not have serialosc installed. Thank you. Works like a charm.


having a bit of trouble with my hardware grid, wondering if anybody can help me out. it’s worked perfectly in the past, but i tried connecting today and it’s almost like my grid is being sensed as turned 90 degrees, where the right half is blank and the left half is showing a rotated version of the full 128 size scene. this is happening on all three grid modules. strangely, the right half still senses button presses, but everything is kind of wonky on that side. virtual grid works fine. i deleted and reinstalled the plugins, reconnected my grid multiple times, reinstalled serialosc, and restarted my mac, but nothing has fixed it. gonna attach a video too just to show exactly what i’m talking about (this is with meadowphysics)


Do you see the same behavior with the Max grid test patch or other grid-supporting software?

good question, will test after work in a few hrs

My guess is that your grid rotation state got changed somehow, likely with another tool, since the Rack plug-in doesn’t change this setting (or give you any tools to reset it.) Here’s a Max patcher that you can use to set the rotation back to zero. See the OSC documentation for more details.

reset grid rotation.maxpat

(to use this, copy the above block, open Max, go to File > New from Clipbboard, then hit Ctrl-E / “Lock”.)

that fixed it! thanks so much for the help and for porting these to vcv

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