This was overly optimistic, Earthsea still has some problems with stuck notes. :stuck_out_tongue: (Likely my fault with the grid key off messages, not the fault of the firmware.)


just built these and they look great!!
let me know if you need any bug testing
running VCV 0.5.1 on Linux 64


Just wanted to say thanks for this. It’s really awesome, even integrates with a hardware grid :open_mouth:
Hope Ansible won’t be too much work, would really like to try that one out :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Here’s a quick update on the ports. January had me extremely busy at work, and now that I have free time again it’s been going to hardware (finally assembled my Mutable module tester and Teletype bus board) and snowboarding (while snow is still a phenomenon that exists in North America) rather than staring at a screen. Apologies to anyone waiting on the binary release of the VCV Rack ports.

The only hold up right now is that the grid-module connection system is not as stable as I want it to be; I’ve managed to snuff most of the bugs, but there’s still some weirdness that I think will only be eliminated by replacing the ugly right-click assignment system I slapped together (which was originally intended as a temporary hack) with using regular Rack cable connections to bind grids (real and virtual) to modules. This will be a bit of an abuse of the Rack cables, since they won’t carry audio, but my estimation right now is that this will be possible without changes to Rack, and since my next planned Rack project also involves cable-connection abuse, it feels like a worthwhile investment.

I’m going to start tackling that this week, so hopefully I’ll have more substantial news to report before much longer.


Awesome. Major major thanks.


Yeah, super cool. Glad you have been on the slopes!


Hey will you update these for 0.6 please?


Sorry! Been having too much hardware fun lately with kria + just type + plaits, so I’m late on the 0.6 update. Not sure how much dev time I’ll have next week, but I’ll get to it as soon as I can.


no worries
i have been super busy too and currently i am holding off on 0.6 until tomorrow for linux but i would be very grateful when you have time please drop me a note!



Oh wow, really exciting to realize these can be used in VCV Rack, I’ve been lurking all the TeleType threads trying to figure out if it’s right for me but this’ll help enormously. Thanks!


TT is not included yet. I wonder if it is possible


The 0.6 branch should now build and run in Rack v0.6, at least on OSX with virtual grids; I’m traveling and don’t have my hardware grid or my Windows/Linux build machines. 0.6 tracking issue is here: https://github.com/Dewb/monome-rack/issues/33


Forgot to post here that the master branch should now be compatible with 0.6 on both Windows and macOS (Linux is untested, but the build process is near-identical to macOS.)

I’ve been learning Supercollider in anticipation of receiving a second-batch norns, so VCV Rack stuff is getting neglected.


Aw heck, this might be enough to finally push me over the edge to install VCVRack… :thinking: