WW/MP/ES teletype updates

I’ve also recently noticed that if I leave the case and grid on (and walk away for a bit), I sometimes come back to a frozen grid. Normally, I would power off the case and wait a bit before powering back on, but the last time It froze I hit a few buttons, walked away for a few min., came back, and the grid was functioning again. It was as if the grid/earthsea was stuck in some long, drawn out, slow-down animation that needed to run it’s course before resolving itself and returning to normal operation.

Yes. ES does this weird slow-down, where it eventually just stops completely, for a period of time, and eventually comes back alive. I definitely saw that happen on mine as well.

In order to avoid these behaviors for long periods of time, my suggestion would be: be careful not to press any buttons in the top row while looping. Also be careful not to accidentally trigger any double-memory shapes in a looping pattern if you have previously recorded with those shapes. Furthermore, make sure that the arp button is not accidentally engaged while practicing (before an actual recording). In addition, completely avoid using 3-button memory shapes. It seems that any actions that overlap in these ways (note CV, rune CV, etc.) cause the system to seize up. I’ve been able to avoid glitches for long periods by applying these principles.

This reminds me: For years I’ve used polygome in poly mode (even/especially in mono) because it reacts better overall. The mono “mode” on polygome and earthsea cause these overlapping “ghost notes” that may be contributing to the glitches we’re seeing. Not sure if I’m explaining this correctly, but I think you can grasp the overall concept.

And by “especially in mono” I mean when I use polygome with a mono synth.

new plates will get ordered once we exhaust stock. we’re of course hoping this will be sooner than later.

all ES users please update your firmware! problems in this thread have been addressed.

i have not been, however, able to experience the “slowing down” issue and would be interested if anyone has a reproducible set of steps.

I just downloaded the new firmware.
And on first run I am experiencing the slowdown.

Here is what I did:
• turned the unit on after update
• recorded a simple pattern
• “linearized” it = arp mode
• accelerated the speed a little
• activated transposition, and
• transposed it to a few random locations
• left it playing the pattern for few minutes

sequence started drifting, slowed WAY down, and the grid lost any sort of reactivity (pushing buttons yields no response)… after couple of more minutes (and repeated button pushing) the sequence started coming back to proper speed, and grid became active again…

all this before I tried even connecting the ES to TT… :frowning:

Just for the record: I was able to reproduce this again by following the above steps.
The only difference between now and the above run was that this time, the first pattern I made did not exhibit the slow down. So I selected the second pattern slot, and did the above steps (linearize, accelerate a step or two, transpose a few times, and then let it play for a couple of minutes). Slow down and grid not-responsiveness occurred within less than a minute.

@ether @mrdave1981 @greenanother how about you?
Did you update?
Do you still see the slowdown/freeze issue?

BTW @tehn I am also pretty sure that @Galapagoose mentioned that he had seen this issue as well.

thanks for the update, will test!

Well, I wish this was not the case, BUT:

I went ahead and connected ES with newest firmware to the TT and the rst of trilogy. I initiated the factory scene for ES control, and changed one line to control transposition with the PARAM knob as follows:


and connected a slow clock to input 5 to trigger the script.
Teletype froze immediately.
I could still control ES manually from the grid, but TT is frozen. And, as I type this message the Earthsea exhibits the slowdown symptom once more…

Again: wish the news was better, but I am afraid the firmware update did not really fix the problems I had with ES and TT implementation.


After further testing. TT freezes every time I send a trigger to various inputs that are supposed to control ES via teh factory scene. No changes to the code needed. TT works fine until I plug a cable in one of the inputs, and send it a trigger, which has no effect on ES, but freezes TT. This is totally repeatable on my system.


After disconnecting ES from TT and power cycling the case, I have selected a different scene on TT, which froze when I hit the TAB key. Aftr power cycling the case Teletype does not start up at all: black screen after multiple power cycles.
It’s weird: as if though it got “infected” through the ES connection???

In any case it is bricked now.

@laborcamp Sorry for the late reply (and sorry to hear about the current situation). I haven’t updated my ES, and don’t plan to until the problem is fully resolved. I’m confident that @tehn will eventually replicate the slow-down issue and resolve this. Until then, I’m going to take the measures I outlined previously to avoid crashes/freeze ups. @laborcamp please keep us updated with your TT situation, and anything else you uncover.

@tehn and @ether Glad to hear it! Hope this implies that there will be extra faceplates ordered for current owners that would like to swap out their existing faceplates for a reasonable fee?

edit: sorry, I didn’t reply to this as a linked topic (still learning to navigate)

@laborcamp haven’t updated mine yet - after reading the posts below it appears like the issue persists anyway.

@tehn good to know. I might have to order a 2nd MP for hacking purposes, and to help lower your stock.

ok i’ll be looking into the slowdown.

note that other bugs were solidly corrected!

@tehn Do you think that whatever causes the slowdown on ES is also causing the TT crashes? Or are these issues unrelated, based on your expertise?

@tehn by the way, thanks!

Yes, @tehn, thank you! Maybe I will try updating after all.

I was hoping that after few power cycles and some time, my Teletype would eventually wake up, but it didn’t.
Finaly I was able to de-brick it by re-fashing the firmware.
However, that erased all my scenes in the process.
(At least I am back up and runing!)