X0xb0x firmware preferences?

So, I got myself a slightly faulty x0xb0x last week (fixed it over the weekend, so that’s nice :wink: ). Now that it is working, I started looking into what ‘the best’ firmware might be, but it seems that the community is somewhat moribund :frowning_face: (i.e. ladyada forums).

Which leads me onto… Question: Are there any other x0xb0x users here? And what firmware is recommended? It seems that all the ones I read about have their pros and cons! There’s also the issue of librarian software for the computer, but that’s a later discussion!!

I did play with it a bit already - synced to MIDI, and the Din-Sync output driving a TR606:


I’ve been meaning to try MarOS for ages, but never get around to loading it.

Maybe useful to throw some links in this thread for archive/reference.


Ah, that’s great - thank you! n0nx0x2 looks the most interesting; a pity that the CPU mod seems unavailable (maybe I’m not searching hard enough) :frowning:

I had found c0nb0x but transfers have been producing errors (I’m on a mac if that makes a difference - I should dig out my PC laptop perhaps)

Yeah - i’ve not really tried any of these yet.

I also need to open mine up and confirm which CPU i’ve got (pretty sure it’s an original since I built it from an kit)

another link:


I’m pretty sure mine is running SokkOS, haven’t played around with any of the other alt firmwares though - perhaps I should to breathe some new life into mine.

It’s a really fun box and sounds great, potent combo with the 606 :slight_smile:

(also: sheesh, the price of these has come down a lot in 8 years)

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