Xaoc Leibniz Binary System (Drezno, Lipsk, Jena, ) patch ideas, tips, tricks

I just got these after being super intrigued and loving Xaoc modules (sturdy and straightforward, but with some quirks). The Leibniz Binary System is confusing the hell out of me though. That said, I’m having so much fun trying to make sense of it (even if it kept me from having decent sleep last night… my brain kept patching and seeing those flashing numbers on Jena).

I was hoping to have a thread where people could share what they’ve learned. A quick search revealed some posts, but I’ve found the documentation pretty lacking.

One quick question: how are you patching all three together? Is that possible?


paging dr. @sellanraa

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It’s been 3 years since I’ve made this one (wow, 3 years…), and it’s kind of basic, but here it goes:



I got a Drezno and Lipsk a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying them. I haven’t found much use for Lipsk yet, but I’ve been using Drezno as a kind of sequencer, sending the bit outs through a sequential switch, then slewing so I have a fluctuating modulation source for a filter. I don’t have any recordings of it yet, but here’s another sketch of a Benjolin/Drezno feedback loop:


Good call, I thought about starting this thread. I’ve got a Drezno and Jena. Currently no free time, but I’ll post something soon.

For some reason I was afraid to do this, but it works.

I haven’t quite figured out how to get Jena going… sometimes I’ll plug an LFO into the ADC input or clock and the wavetable osc will kick in. Other times I struggle to get sound out of it… I need to pay closer attention. I’m quite content to just muck around until I get something going, but these modules are such a mystery for me.

I just had some LFO from Batumi plugged into the Lipsk and it was modulating parts of the wave in the wavetable osc. I’ll keep playing with it, but I am wondering if I could free up the 6hp (I could really use another VCA or small mixer).

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That’s the routing I have. I have another Lipsk I debated putting in between the Drezno and Jena, but no space in a small case really. I actually have a 2nd Drezno. I fried it while I was waiting for the Jena and didn’t want to wait for repairs. I’ll likely sell it when I get it back, but - hey, it’s so cool, maybe I could use a Drezno/Lipsk for sequencing and another for waveshaping! :slight_smile:

Personally, I think the Lipsk is critical, but the more you play with it, it obviously depends on your goals. If you want it as a sequencer, I think it’s well worth it. If you’re using the system for waveshaping, maybe it isn’t worth it unless you really get particular about what kind of grit you want or more choices of subtle grit variations.

Over spring break I spent some time exploring a small case with it in there and recorded quite a few ideas almost every day, so about 45 minutes of stuff, most of which just doesn’t hold up, but I’m trying to sculpt into what may be a 10-12 minute ‘song’, or maybe I’ll trash it all! BUT it was mostly an excuse to just force myself to have the mindset of ‘finishing’ some ideas each day to push a bit of discipline into my work practice that often gets lost in the wack aimless meandering that I think most of us get caught up in with modular.

Mostly I used the system as a sequencer and sending even the most simple LFO into the Drezno can yield really interesting results, but flipping the bits with a Lipsk can really take things to another level. The Jena I’ve only gotten more recently, but I think it adds a lot of potential to the system. I guess my early impressions suggest that it can sort of smooth out the edges of the output quite often - but the percussion waveset and some of the others are interesting too. The clock inputs and outputs are also super important to explore. The only other way I’ve tinkered with it was as a waveshaper, and it’s definitely crazy cool for that, it just isn’t my typical approach and it’s a lot of real estate to ‘just’ do that. I did get a neat overdriven organ kind of sound pushing a Mangrove through I believe.

The system effectively IS a quantizer obviously, but I think if folks are fishing for more musical outputs, a 12 tone scale quantizer might alleviate some frustration if you’re trying to dial in more traditional stuff using this system. I personally am enjoying the kookiness. That said, the more I practice, the more I’ll sort out a closer connection with and control over it. The Jena will take some time because you sort of need to get a feel for the wavetables, which I have trouble wrapping my head around, at least early on.



Glad you started this thread. I don’t have this in my setup but I’ve been very intrigued by this mysterious system as well. Very excited to hear about everyone’s experiments and any music made with them.

I don’t have these (they are super intriguing and mysterious). I liked this Schneidersladen workshop about the modules, it helped explain some of it for me: https://youtu.be/cEVyS-9OObU


THat Benjolin looks sweet

Very much interested in this, too. Thinking about adding a Jena to my Drezno and Lipsk.

I only had the Drezno for a day on its own (so hard for me to say), but the Jena makes this subsystem for me. Lipsk is the one I could take or leave, but I’ve only had these for a few days now.

I’ll try to upload some experiments somewhere soon. I don’t have a fancy video setup.

I’d definitely spend more than a few days with it before you make any declarations. That goes for any module, but maybe even more so for the more cryptic ones…

I’ve had the Drezno and Lipsk for about two years, have toured using it, though admittedly I completely put away the modular for almost a year after the tour to focus on the Octatrack, but it is a system that demands a lot of time. I look forward to hearing how you are using it and how your feelings may (or may not) evolve.


It’s a Kweiwen Benjolin :slight_smile:

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Thank you. That actually looks achievable for me. Very exciting.

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I had a few weird issues with Jena, I think power related. I sent one back because it would not link to my Drezno (nothing on the screens at all). The current one does, but oddly only on the second power up of the system. Anyone else have this issue?

It’s a very straightforward build :slight_smile:

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Peculiar. If you’re sure your routing it right on the back and power is all proper, definitely something funky. I haven’t had any issues with mine.

Yes, definitely all correct. I went through a long troubleshoot with Xaoc.

I’d really like to try it in another case… or with another Drezno. I’m living with it (in isolation) for now though!

Is anyone making these of late? I fear my maker-skills are just north of a badger’s.