Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft has announced a new product, the Xbox adaptive controller - a game controller specifically designed for gamers with disabilities. This is wonderful news for many!

But I am particularly excited by this controller because it seems like it would be fairly friendly to music making! It even has a bunch of expansion jacks on the back!

Seems like it might pair particularly well with norns :slight_smile:


This is surprisingly interesting, both on the gaming front and the musical hack possibilities

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One of my old design friends was the lead on this. It’s been his labor of love for the last few years and I can’t wait to try it out myself.

The amount of research that went into designing this is astounding.


I logged in to post this. It looks like a true win/win for both disabled gamers (obviously more important) and for hackable instrument enthusiasts.


I’ve been so consistently impressed by Microsoft for the past year or two…so strange to hear myself say that.

I dream of them going “Windows is now Enterprise and legacy only; time to make the best Linux distro ever.”


Yeah. They’re doing a lot of great work, but Windows is still a disaster. So is IE.

I wonder what kind of protocol those inputs use…

talking through accessibility issues at work today and it led me to thinking about this again. has anyone tried one out yet (for either use case mentioned above)?

Hmm I work near a microsoft store, and have a Norns in my bag. I wonder if I go during a quiet period I can get them to do some experimenting

  1. I’d be wildly interested to know how this goes.
  2. I need to get a true norns soon, cause I’m jealous of anybody who can say ‘I’ve got a norns in my bag right now’

USB HID devices are also supported. Info is from here.

And the race to see who can patch their modular to beat Flappy Bird begins.


I feel like the Microsoft store aren’t going to be too stoked about me plugging my Maths into an Xbox :laughing:

I found some detailed specs here!

and an article on how to wire your own controls

Very simple but using it with synths will take a little creativity

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Funny, I (like @emenel) also know the designer responsible for this, and I ran into him at work recently and also joked about hooking it up to my modular. He said I wasn’t the first person to mention it. Hahaha. I still haven’t actually encountered one in person though.