XT-2, DIY audio mixer, interface etc. inspired by TX-6

I made XT-2 inspired by Teenage Engineering TX-6.
It has/is,

  • Only 2 channel, Stereo Line-in or two mono line-ins
  • Stereo Line-out
  • TRS MIDI-in, for control the mixer or other parameters
  • Headphone out w/ volume control
  • even more small than TX-6 :slight_smile:
  • used Teensy 3.6 + Audio Shield so, all custom programmable
  • CD quality
  • 2 channel audio interface, for video recording with line-in to iphone
  • microphone included
  • any other function could be added e.g. drum, recording to sdcard, effector, sampler, so on.
  • inside can be looked, used miniDV case
  • it could be opened, open-source

Actually I used the Behringer UCA202 for record the sound from modular and synth. But not satisfied with it, so made this and happy with CD quality and hackable thing.
In demo, Kastl Drum is sound source and also control the XT-2 via VCMC. Though not yet implemented, it has also pink noise and hires sine wave. I will hack this if other features needed.


Fantastic work - love that it is designed into / around a miniDV case :slight_smile:
I look forward to following the progress!

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Thanks. Also I look forward to other more advanced fork from others. e.g. quad or 16 I/O using TDM. I tried quad I/O using two Audio Shield but, it is complicate to me and could not packaged in miniDV case. So minimalized.


very brilliant! what a clever one!

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Oh wow ! Awesome work !

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