"Yesteryear" by Andrew Tasselmyer (Seil Records)

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to share a new album out now on Seil Records, called “Yesteryear.” It’s available on cassette and as a digital download: Yesteryear | Andrew Tasselmyer | Seil Records

On this album, I was focused on using the piano and several samplers as my primary tools. There are other Kontakt instruments providing some simple string textures, but electric and upright piano were my primary sound sources. I recorded and arranged 90% of it on my kitchen table in June/July 2020, using those processed piano samples as well as a small modular rig (built around the Qu-Bit Nebulae and 1010 bitbox), a line 6 HX Stomp, and a digitakt, as well as a Sony TCS-580V stereo tape recorder and a Marantz PMD-222 tape deck for saturation at times. The sound is lo-fi and noisy by design. Given how much loss I and others in my friend/family circle experienced in 2020, it felt appropriate to use equipment and effects that would degrade the material and give that experience some kind of sonic equivalent. It is supposed to sound like a tape that has taken a beating and could fade away or crumble apart at any minute (honestly, similar to how I felt at times last year). This piano-centric workflow is something I explored a lot in 2020 and I would like to continue to find ways to improve my sampling game in 2021, while staying focused with a minimal amount of equipment.

I would like to thank @boboter for inviting me to the label; I’ve been listening to his music and buying Seil tapes for a long time now, so it’s an honor to have the opportunity to release this with him. I also deeply appreciate Taylor Deupree for his work to master this noisy and hiss-laden material, and my brother Michael for providing the photo on the album cover.


congratulations on the new release andrew. i can’t wait to spend some time with it.


Thank you Marcus. All the best to you and yours. :black_heart:


I’m incredibly honored to share this beautiful album with the world. Thank you, Andrew!


Hey Andrew! I played something of yours on my radio show recently.


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A lovely album, plays here all the time.


@Hainbach Thank you! I really appreciate it. I love your work as well so it means a lot coming from you. I’m very happy to join the Seil family.

@ampism thank you for the support as well, Paul. I’m very appreciative!

I picked this up on Bandcamp Friday and love it. Really, really nice work @ttasselm!!

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Thank you so much Zeke! I appreciate the support and kind words. I’m really happy and grateful to Seil for releasing this.

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Wonderful release :heart:

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This has been playing on repeat here. Such a lovely universe you’ve created.

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This is exactly what I need right now. Love it. :heart:

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Man, you guys are too kind. Thanks again for all the kind words. Looking forward to sharing more material soon!