this is very very deep and also brilliant. will definitely dive deeper. i started with trackers around 1998 and this feels like a genuinely new approach to familiar things. thanks!

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Awesome - will dig in this week


god damn, @tyleretters that demo is super compelling — excellent work, all! what a deep and exciting collaboration


This is looking amazing, can’t wait to try. As I think I commented elsewhere I have so far utterly failed to learn any tracker or livecoding thing but maybe now’s the time ha


How essential is it that the keyboard used has to be US-ANSI, out of interest? I’m in France, so finding such a thing is expensive and difficult - so would adapting to different keyboard layouts be possible?

It looks amazing though - can’t wait to try it out. My first electronic music experience was pretty much with OctMED on the Amiga, so it’ll be interesting going back to those times.


Changing keyboard layouts on linux is easy enough. I don’t have my norns at the moment, but it might be as easy as logging into norns with ssh and typing “loadkeys en”. Another alternative is to modify the code. I was also thinking about this, a semicolon is not very handy to type on a Finnish keyboard, would be nice to use another character…

In any case, really looking forward to giving this script a go!


This is wonderfully intense and I really look forward to digging into this tracker.

The main purpose of this comment is to express my appreciation for the excellent documentation. The info is easy to read and solid, the presentation expresses the script’s opinionated personality so damn well, and just reading through gives me ideas on interactions I want to set up the next chance I get.

Leaving k3 as assignable is brilliant.

Love that there’s a ragequit command.

Thanks for all the attention given to the docs.


that’s so cool to hear. i’ve never used a tracker before so it was really interesting to build one. i imagine there are some “archetypical” patterns in here as well as some things that are totally new.

i am genuinely afraid - in a good way - at what you will do with this

i do not know. perhaps some keyboard experts can weigh in. what i can say is the keyboard mappings transparent and designed to be reconfigured. i would be happy to help develop alternative mappings so long as it is pretty much constrained to updating the integer assignments here. perhaps even config options to switch keyboard layouts.

holy shit i had no clue. here’s where we’d change that. yeah super open to ideas about how to make this compatible for everyone.

this fills my heart with joy. i’m a designer at heart and one of the reasons i love making these scripts is it gives me an excuse to design docs!


I bought a “Perixx PERIBOARD-409 Mini Wired Keyboard - USB - US English Layout” a few months ago to use NISP. This works fine with Norns.
I think it should be somehow easy to get via €baY or that evil online shop you should not use that starts with an A.

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as lines as my witness, i vow to fight imperialism with open source code.


That is really great to see, I had the impression that Teletype also would have needed a US layout, so I obeyed the US system and sweared a lot while doing so.
(Also, I did not have another keyboard around at that time.)

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  • FIX Issue with track selection.
  • FIX Save honors empty slots.
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Getting ready to dig in. The plan is to break it until it’s music.


yellow == big mood == yggdrasil



This looks amazing, really big fan of all your work @tyleretters!

I would love to see that option. Just realized I don’t have a USB qwerty keyboard lying around, only french azerty (I’m in Belgium)

Love that name BTW, Yggdrasil… Always reminds me of that treeship in Dan Simons Hyperion.

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yeah i’m super happy to help get widespread keyboard support if folks are willing to help test. i’m not interested in physically acquiring a bunch of keyboards myself, nor am i interested in using “virtual” keyboards? i’d worry about qa.

i love hyperion. Yggdrasil first haunted me via MZD’s House of Leaves.


Any tips/tricks for working with the mixer’s level command? I was able to find it by poking through commands.lua as it’s not (yet) on the docs page.

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Yes, I’m reading from different topics that keyboard input is script dependent and not interchangeable easily like on raspbian.
Gonna try to mess around tomorrow with your keyboard mapping file.
I’m a total noob when it comes to coding but hey, that should be a fun exercise :smile:

Also that House of Leaves book really picked my interest and goes on top of my to-read list


wow this looks amazing!

wondering - is extended dsp/sample functionality on the roadmap? ie. adsr, playback mode (one shot, loop, etc) filter, fx?

the ui is sooooo goood!!

thank you for all your hard work.