Im thinking about buying one of these as i would like to work with sensors
however im not interested in using an arduino. Does anyone know if a product like this can be directly incorporated in Max?

Looks like they have a JavaScript library, so yes you could use that from Max.

It also looks like if you want to use JS, you’d need to run their “Virtual Hub” software - the Virtual Hub talks to the board, and your JS talks directly to the Hub. The user manual is online here and seems pretty comprehensive. But if you can incorporate external javascript libraries inside Max, then that seems doable.

Boring question: why are you “not interested in using an Arduino” (and for Arduino, let’s also include “any kind of microcontroller or single-board comptuer”? A lot of very straightforward sensors are easily integrated with microcontrollers, and will be much cheaper than finding one-off-boards that wrap the sensor you want. One interesting platform here is X-Osc which is a simple microcontroller with onboard wifi and which speaks OSC out of the box with no programming required.

I appreciate there are many good answers to my question; I just don’t know what your answer is!