Youngest Brother Plays the Flute

Hey folks - just wanted to share a couple new tracks with you for bandcamp day (and invite you to check out some of the other things in my BC catalogue, if you’re so inclined) - music & artwork by yours truly. These beats are made primarily with a combination of modular gear, C&G Organelle, and Ableton.

Edit: I was asked to provide some more context for the release (this is my first time sharing a release here on Lines) - my name is Niv (“Neeev”) Bavarsky, I’m a visual artist / illustrator & musician from Los Angeles - Youngest Brother is my musical output, and my work tends to revolve around hip-hop adjacent electronic beats, but also ambient & generative modular recordings. This release contains two beats flipping flute (or flute-like) samples, a kind of companion to a previous release “Troped Up / Drunk Dial” which used piano as the anchoring sound palette.

So far I have also created all the artwork for my Youngest Brother releases, some of which I’ll share here:

Thanks for checking it out.


Great beats! Really appreciated them. As an Organelle-owner sort of struggling to fit it into my worflow I’m always curious to hear how other users use theirs. Any special patches used in these beats? Thanks!

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Hey thanks!

My favorite organelle patch for beatmaking, easily, is Segmenti (which I’m using for the main melodic content of the 2nd track) I like working with sampled material and I like surprises, so I really connect with that (similarly, Morphagene is the star of my modular system)

I also get a lot of mileage out of Constant Gardner, CA Filter and CA Additive

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Thanks! I can see why “inviting surprises” can be a good Organelle-strategy. :wink: The challenge is there’s too many patches to learn really.

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Really enjoying both of these! :heart:

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Appreciate you, thank you!

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