Your favorite RSS reader

Spinning out of the Please Share/Start Your Blog(s) discussion:

What is your favorite RSS reader these days? Do you use a separate app? Browser feature/extension? Website that aggregates for you?

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I use the Nexcloud app “News”, the neat thing about it is that I can use it in any webbrower or it can be synced with a large number of Reader applications.
I had some issues in the past but it works like a charm now! Really responsive and easy to use for me.


I was using Feedly and had subscribed to a load of corporate news sites.

Starting 2020 with a clean slate - NetNewsWire filled only with subscriptions to sites run by a person rather than a staff.

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I’m using Feedly (browser and smartphone) but it’s got some annoying limitations so I’d be interested in trying suggestions here too…

Google reader was great and simple, so obviously they killed it…

Following thread. Apple News was ok for a bit but now it’s only a billboard for their (subscription) News+.

Newsify app - needs an account and a yearly subscription (which is less than the price of a newspaper subscription). Actively updated. It’s the best I’ve found and I’ve tried a lot.

I use Reeder on my Mac, Readably on Android, synced via Feedly. Works well; happy to pay for the moving parts to avoid a Google Reader situation. Before that: NetNewsWire.

Newsify works great for me in Free/“trial” mode - subscription not necessary for basic use.

Also - netnewswire is still (back?) in action

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Yeah! NetNewsWire has been revived and open-sourced:

It’s really fast and has great keyboard shortcuts.

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I use feedly regularly, what would you say are the main pros of switching to Newsify ?

I use Feedly. I upped to a paid subscription at some point. I use it in browser on my computer and as an app on my phone. I barely use any of its features, but the ones I do use work great.

I second (third?) NetNewsWire. Mostly using it on iOS syncing via Feedly.

I use Feedbin as a service and Reeder as an app. Happy to support small devs who care a lot. Feedbin allows me to hook in to ifttt too to archive inspiration to


i use inoreader for years, it seemed the closest to google reader when they pulled the plug on it and i was researching them. free, works great, has free iOS app (android most probably too). reeder syncs to it as well.

I moved from Google Reader to Feedly to Inoreader to Feedbin, over the years. The Feedbin web app is awesome, but I like the Unread iPad client (which I use with Feedbin) even more.

Another Feedly/ Reeder user, considering feedbin for its extra functionality though

Feedreader is about perfect.
The Feedbro extension for Firefox/Chrome/Vivaldi is good.
But I still think Newsboat is the coolest :slight_smile:

I use Reeder on ipad and iphone, and run a self-hosted Fever site to do the aggregation. Sadly Fever is not longer available for new installs.

I use Newsbeuter on Linode ( Text-based feed reader, likened to Mutt, only for news. If you run it in a Tmux session it’s always there, updating itself, ready for when you’re in the mood to read the news. S.

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