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I already have the Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad that I use with my MacBook. It is also compatible with the iPad but then I can’t keep it paired with the computer… I kind of like the purpose-builtness of the iPad Magic keyboard, which also charges the pencil2…

The thing that is neat about the Logitech keyboard is pairing with multiple computers (and the durability).

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Would love to get a Drambo specific thread going. I started a bunch of sample mangling patches on Drambo, but always find myself reaching for Borderlands for it’s self contained and beautiful design. Drambo really can be anything and it’s often a problem that I can’t remember how the patch I made months ago works anymore. Yeah, I can’t remember how I imported samples.


I’ve found a discussion on the official forum… Apparently, the file management is a topic that returns very often. Someone has recommended a combo of Drambo WebDav + Readdle Documents, I will try and report back… Previewing audio files within iPadOs ad the files app is not straightforward, I hope this Readdle app is better at it. I will try to create a dedicated thread later today unless you want to create it first :wink: I think it’d be nice to have a place to share tips and/or presets here on Lines.

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Yes, please do. I was pretty inspired for a while, but lately confused as to how my old patches work and how to improve on them. I kind of feel Drambo needs a better (and easier on the eyes) top layer macro section to improve play/performability. Hopefully a dedicated thread can get me more inspired. I felt like Drambo could be the ultimate ipad instrument for me when I first started using it.

Here you go: Drambo app - Ask questions, share experiences and best practices


Ha ! :smiley: Drambo (iOS) - Modular groovebox I also created one and made a photo for it… Well, perhaps a mod can delete mine, please :slight_smile:

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Ah dammit, great minds and so on

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TY might try this new Beef thing that has dropped too`.

For a couple of dollars, it may be worth a shot, and tape cassette was nice.


Any recommendations for class-compliant audio interfaces that play well with recent iPads (10.2 2019 in my case)? I am having problems with my NI KA6 MK2. One option would be to use my trusty Alesis IO Dock with an adapter, but if there is a low-cost, reliable option with 2 inputs and 2 outputs (preferably DIN MIDI, too), I might consider buying something else. I’ve seen MOTU M2 being recommended here, however ideally I’d spend around 100€ max.

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I can definitely praise the M2 but I also had great service from a Zoom U-24 which is about half the price and can be powered by batteries (which is a bonus). I ended up selling mine in favour of a Novation AudioHub but that was purely to remove the need for a USB hub when attaching usb controllers.

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Thanks, I have considered buying a used Audiohub even though I am not a fan of RCA connectors. Looks great otherwise, however.

Yes, the RCAs are a bit irritating, although they do provide slight justification to the continued ownership of some of my lesser used items in the cable/adapter collection I’ve amassed over the decades!


im about to upgrade to a new iphone 12 mini. being as how it has a mind boggling 256 g of storage, i’m thinking i could put my library of vinyl samples i keep in ableton on my phone to use with koala. this is so exciting !!

anyways my question is, is there a good app to quickly preview samples before importing to koala ? hopefully one where i could keep my samples in their respective folders i.e drums, synths, bass etc ?


Yes, 100% - AudioShare does everything you need, plus it enables you to transfer samples wirelessly through a browser from any device and sample basically any app on your phone.

256gb of Koala FTW!!!


crazy right?! can’t wait to hear what you make with it :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s the best (though i’m still hoping they make it into an auv3 some day).

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All Moog apps are free for today only (I believe it’s to commemorate Dr. Bob’s birthday).

Model D
Model 15

Any you don’t have, 100% grab.

People tend to overlook Filtatron but it turns an old iPhone 4 and a cheap iRig into basically a Moogerfooger MF101 (with extras). Don’t sleep!


Excellent tip-off, thanks! :rainbow:

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Model 15 for free is wild. TBH I’ve barely scratched the surface of its potential, but it’s honestly worth having just for the 907 Fixed Filter Bank and 904A LP filter. Secret sauce for passing all kinds of outside sound sources through.