Your iOS arsenal

exactly :slight_smile:

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Using it with Zoom U24 I’m not experiencing any notably latency issues as yet


Wow that’s amazing! Where pray tell did you acquire that??

The app actually deserves this level of OTT controller build, I feel! Is that the same guys who did the amazing one for

My intentions are to strip down a Novation Remote 25 with a broken fader and replace all the rotary dials and faders with matching rotary dials. I only got as far as uncoupling the joystick from the autocentring spring though so don’t hold your breath for my version!

yes. cool
aum kinda rocks

…and/or assign multiple channels to output to mixbus a
make a new channel with an input of mixbus a and an output to headphones (or wherever your output goes)
record enable that channel
and there’s your mix file
(can even add effects, each channel has a fader too = mixing :slight_smile:


I wish it were mine.


Thanks. Gave it a second (or third) go and it worked as it should, without perceptible latency. Much better than the few hundred milliseconds I got previously. In between I had upgraded to iOS 12, not sure if that cured anything.

On to having fun with it :slight_smile: and the stack of Audio Damage plugins AUM it hosting


Very nice! Do you mind telling what the sample is?

EDIT: unsure if that is your video. :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait for mkii.

@modulationindex Will it be aUv3? (Sorry if answered) Any idea on an ETA? And will it be an update or new app? I’m gettin it either way; just curious. Thanks so much! One of the best music apps.

Sugar Bytes has ported their Factory VST. Insanely flexibile modulation routing and osc / filter options but very digital (presets play to the EDM market). The standalone app anyway is free for the ocassional sampler snacks.


I love everything about this sentence


cool, yes…
i made this track and video

track made with a simple model 15 sample i made (roseta collider driven) in AUM, then through borderlands

video made by me using cinematic on iphone
(the record button at the top in borderlands will record any moves
then play the moves back
the rec out button on the bottom right
creates an audio file of what sounds are being made, the video and track are not in sync = video art more that straight documentation)

thx :slightly_smiling_face:

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Best drone/noise app I’ve used is hexaglyphics!

It’s free, and very mysterious🔮


This just recently dropped and is 50% off (2.99) as a launch price. I have no need for another tape delay, I thought, but gave a listen anyway… and now I’m 2.99 lighter and my iPad is one tape delay heavier :wink:


Got an App Store link for this? I couldn’t find it by searching

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I feel like this is kinda relevant, he uses Instagram on his iPhone as a sound source

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Agree, but it is really good isn’t it?


Just wanted to say thanks for this thread, which inspired me to go full-iOS on my Disquiet Junto track this week:

(Microphone ->) AudioShare -> ReSlice -> AUM -> Autony -> Cubasis 2 -> AudioShare (-> SoundCloud).