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This would be a lovely app or plugin to have… something like the old Korg Electribe ESX-1 Motion sequencing, but standalone. I don’t know of anything like that, but I also want it

right? i have a lot of ideasssss for this. iOS devs hmu :wink:

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Ok. I will go rtfm now and leave you alone :wink: thanks!

I’ve got the ica4+, it has a built in hub port so i connect midi devices to the hub, the ica to the ipad, the modular audio into the ica. My modular midi to cv is the fh-1, it can connect to the ica’s other host port, or to ica din via a din to usb gadget.
Aum can do all the midi routing, as well as channel filtering so you can send some channels of keystep out to modular, and keep others in the ipad for midi instruments.
You can also of course run the modular audio through ipad effects, which can in turn be controlled by midi controller hardware (routed to aum control in aum). The usb hub can have a number of midi controllers attached.


Yes, Mozaic looks interesting :slight_smile:
Here’s a track I made with it this morning

Mozaic, Cality, Troublemaker, Ruismaker Noir

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hey sorry for the delay. just logged back in and saw this. won’t be auv3 for this upcoming iteration, but i plan to look into that for future updates. i’m also hoping to make the app universal (ipad and iPhone compatible with the same app version) after this next update.

the new stuff coming up soon will be a free update. don’t have a set date just due to the unpredictability of my schedule to work on it, but i’m super close to wrapping up all of the stuff that is going into this one.



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This literally bit me this Saturday. Any idea when the update is out?

EDIT: Ah just saw your “som” reply…

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Has anyone with either regular ipad or ipad pro + pencil found a real substitution for music composition tools like Sibelius or Finale? (Professional use)
I know of forScore, but it seems basic.

I think Notion is probably the closest. It’s compatible with the desktop version which is handy, and comes with an ok set of sampled instruments (fd: i rarely use these in any notation program for anything other than basic reference is it’s not a feature I’m finicky about). I’ve always found Notion’s document structure kind of painful, but then I feel that way about other scoring programs I’ve tried too.

Lately I’ve been doing simple scoring freehand using the “staff paper” template in zoom notes (which one could also do in any other handwriting-with-apple-pencil app that supports background templates.
EDIT: I’ve never tried to work with an exported file from Notion in Finale or Sibelius, so can’t vouch for how well that works.

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Hey, thanks for your answer. That’s what I thought - I have some music templates in penultimate that work for sketches. I’m debating getting an ipad pro with pencil instead of a MB pro, still undecided.

What is zoom notes? curious as I am looking for a notation app also.
Has anyone tried Symphony Pro?

Hi all,
My iPad Air2 is starting showing its age and it’s frequently in my son’s little hands, so it’s not been used so much lately.

But! …I just upgraded my phone to an iPhone XR, so:

What apps work best on the phone’s little screen?
(Koala sampler it’s first on my wishlist)

Looking for the line’s crowd suggestions!



FieldScaper is a surprisingly flexible field recorder, pairs perfectly with the phone format. Works as an amazing effect in AUM for any other apps you might have loaded there.
Ripplemaker, Kosmonaut, Spacecraft, Model 15 all work well for me on the phone.


It’s not a notation app, it’s a note-taking app a la Notability. But it has good pencil support and a staff paper template. So no different from notation by hand, just on the iPad instead. (It’s not the most stable app, actually, and file management is a pain, so there are probably better options in the virtual notebook category).

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All of the "“scaper” apps get lots of use here. Fieldscaper, Soundcaper, Synthscaper… unique and wonderful.

Koala is definitely my first recommendation, but I honestly do most things on my phone when I’m out and about that I would do on my ipad when at home - the only restrictions are that some apps are not universal so they don’t work on my phone. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been so obsessed with Koala of late that I’ve not really given much else a look in. I tend to make things in there, render loops out of it and import them into AUM on separate channels where I effect them and generally just dub them out


So what is the general consensus: what is everyones favorite piano roll app? I just want to take down quickly a bass line I have in my head.

(Why not learn to write sheet music you ask. I would answer you ask a good question.)

Atom is 20 characters of awesome

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