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I’m busy rewriting a controller for the Block and finding the dev language insanely shortsighted. Scalar variables only, and you have to decode every touch by figuring out whether it lands in your control or not. It’s marvelous but crazy-making at the same time.

I don’t think so, at least not yet. It has midi devices but the only audio device is a stereo output module. It would be awesome if they could add multi channel audio IO. It’s only been out a few days though. Fingers crossed features will be added.


I agree, I’ve sunk hours already into playing with the Mutable Instruments stuff on there. Super nicely done. There are some UI pain points for me, but nothing major.

Multichannel Audio IO, maybe an AU bridge analog to the VCV VST bridge, and it would be all set…

This does also just make me want Max on iPad more and more though

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20 characters of yes.


There are only tho apps that can generate CV out of midi - Zmors Modular and Audulus, and neither of them is auv3.

However you can use Ribn app with either of them standalone, both support 8 channels in and out.

My personal problem is that I want to use ES-8 and ipad for audio i/o and effects and CV. At the moment I can’t have everything.

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Is there any sign of documentation yet?

I can’t even figure out how to delete a module yet!

Otherwise it’s got a ton of potential.

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That took me a while too… two-finger tap on a module brings up the “right click” menu you’d see in VCV


I recently got Patch Base to start editing my DX7ii via an iPad and it’s quite good. Looking at all of the parameters at once can seem visually cramped / daunting at first but with knowledge of the Yamaha FM architecture I’ve been able to understand a patch much quicker than I had by just diving through the menus; having envelope and curve visualizations per operator is so helpful.

The touch controls are a bit sensitive to get just right given their small size on screen, but the DX7 automatically goes to the parameter on the synth itself for easy editing with the increment/decrement buttons if needed. Plus the bank saving/editing will be nice for patch organization once I get that far. My iPad isn’t the newest and the app can be slightly sluggish because of it, but honestly all of my criticisms are worth making this synth easier to program (at least with my initial impressions). Chadwick was also super helpful via email in getting me over an initial hiccup in my MIDI set-up.

The other day my friend and I pulled up a random patch and started jamming for half an hour, subtly tweaking things as we went, and the app didn’t break the flow at all. Would recommend if you’re considering it.


Does anyone know how to sample the internal audio of your iPad? For example, if I wanted to sample the YouTube app into AUM or AudioShare – what’s the workflow to do it?

I’ve been playing my phone or laptop into my iPad to do this and thought there must be a better way. I used to use an app called SoundFlower to do this on my laptop…

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If the app supports AUM or Audiobus you’re good to go…

If not, no idea, but I’d be really interested to hear the answer if anyone knows it!

The 21-module @trickyflemming/HetrickCV pack has been added to the latest version of miRack, v 1.03.


Unfortunately there’s no SoundFlower equivalent for iPad. iOS doesn’t provide anything in the way of audio routing for apps that don’t opt-in via IAA or AUv3

There is, however, an AU plugin that loads up YouTube so that you can sample it:

It’s been a bit finicky for me (sometimes videos won’t play), and I suspect it might be subject to YouTube’s policies about which videos can be streamed via API vs website (unless it’s implemented as just a webview, which would be pretty slick), but it’s an option.


Nice! Thanks for the heads-up. I had reached out to the developer and asked for it to be included. It’s CC-licensed, so remixes are fair game.


MiRack doesn’t show up in Aubdiobus or ApeMatrix. Is that just the deal or am I experiencing an issue? May be just as well, for now, since it is CPU intensive.
Also, is there a manual available for the app or its modules?
Pretty enjoyable so far. It’s my first pseudo-step into the modular world.


Sorry for the prolonged absence - I’ve very much been on the iPad making music but things have conspired to limit my internet time and I’ve not had chance to engage on here for far longer than I’d have liked.

Apologies if I missed anything that anyone asked - I’m using my ancient phone and scrolling up seems to take an age! I have seen the comments re: MiRack and have to echo the general excitement around it. Obviously it will act as a gateway drug to a modular obsession but maybe I can keep that obsession in the iOS world :wink:

My main project lately has been working with external controllers to create a workflow that allows me to take my Koala creations and play with them in different ways. It has taken weeks and weeks but I’ve finally got a camera setup to capture it all so YouTube videos will resume imminently!

I’m becoming slightly obsessed with Launchpad - both as a control surface (the Mini MK2 being my weapon of choice) and the app. I’ve got the additional functionality to allow loading of your own audio and am using is as a kind of dub mixing desk in the same way I used to use Ableton Live and an Akai APC40. I was excited enough by this, but I’ve been playing with Ableton Link to attach other devices to the session and now have another Mini MK2 winging it’s way to me to use with my old iPad.

Add in the spring reverbs I’ve got attached to my mixing desk and I’m absolutely lost in sound in the best possible way!

Next up: using Mozaic to turn the Mini MK2 into an 8x8 sequencer!


I will treat audiobus at some point. It would seem odd that there’s no way of getting it out, but I will check. As for the manual, I don’t know if MiRack works the same as VCV, but if you tap with two fingers on a module, it will bring up a menu much like a Right Click on a PC. There is usually a manual options

Okay, so, unless the update of MiRack adds this function, it appears as if the audio is trapped in the app and the headphone jack. Bummer. I’m sure it’ll be updated though

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Did you see the seq8 patch I made?


That is EXACTLY what I saw :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely fantastic stuff and a massively exciting of both Mozaic and the Launchpad Mini!


Anybody have recommendations for free/cheap iOS video editing apps? Experimental/ weird stuff welcome :slight_smile:


Swish, Videoleap, Hyperspektiv