Your iOS arsenal

Toneboosters just released Reelbus for iOS which, in addition to being available from within AU and IAA hosts, also features real-time processing…

I can’t lie, I instantly bought this one


Did anyone experience some problems/conflicts with the new iPadOs and audio apps? Especially apps which haven’t seen a update for a while (e.g. samplr).

Have you tried out the K7D tape delay app? The LFO options make it pretty versatile. I bet it would go hand-in-hand with this one.


I’ve started feeling things are getting crashy lately, even slightly before the update. Tardigrain has been really temperamental, for instance.

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That’s an excellent call - I absolutely love that delay (although I’ve unfairly neglected it of late thanks to Modley)

Yeah, Modley is great too. I try to revisit my older effects every so often. I have a bunch of squirrely delays like Dedalus and Replicant2 also.

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I always fancied those - Dedalus especially - but I have more delays than anything else already so have managed to resist… for now

At least the latest beta before official launch was very stable for me, with audio apps. Samplr worked like always.

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My latest disquiet junto submission was done using Tardigrain - standalone and in AUM - and I had zero problems. Air2 latest update.

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Depends how you define cheap, I guess. I use LumaFusion. It’s cheaper than Premier or Vegas. :wink: It has also all but replaced those for me. It’s excellent.

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wow that looks very fully featured — seems like it’d require an ipad really for it to be worth it though. are you using it on an iphone?

No, I’ve only used on iPad, so can’t really say what the experience is like on an iPhone. I’d imagine it’s just… smaller!

I’ve found a pretty happy all-in-one-device video workflow on iPad Pro with FiLMiC Pro for capturing video, and LumaFusion for producing the final product.

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As daft as it might sound, I’ve never considered editing the videos on iPad - even when I was creating them via screen recording!

Before LumaFusion and some of the more recent iPads with more powerful processors, I would say it was a sub-par experience. You can obviously still do more with a desktop and Premiere, Vegas, After Effects, etc. but you can do quite a lot on iOS now, and it’s a good experience with good results.

I do FiLMiC --> Import to LumaFusion (pretty much instant) --> Publish straight to YouTube. All in one.


poly 2 looks pretty awesome.


I can’t seem to find this on the App Store, can you be more specific on the name?


Oh nice this looks great. Might have to try this myself.

All I really want on iPad is Goodhertz’s Wow Control, I would have no problem paying a high price if they could package their plugin with the same lovely UI into an app.

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Click the handy link I included in the post :grinning:

Maybe somebody already mentioned this, but iFixit is a great source for batteries. I installed a new batt into my iPhone six for very cheap.


Argh, how did I miss that?!?