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I could not possibly agree more - Wow is absolutely perfect.

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Really loving Cykle, great lively sequencer:

I wish there was an easy software way to convert this to CV :slight_smile:


This seems sick. I like this idea of just abstracting EVERYTHING off a sequence out, allowing for all kinds of mistakes and cool accidents. Nothing like a sequencer focused on allowing for cool ‘uh-oh’s’

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I’m thinking it might work with a midi to cv converter based on this:

  • each channel can be routed to a separate MIDI destination and channel

  • each channel sends MIDI note- and pitch-bend data as well as an arbitrary number of continuous control messages

I’ve recently picked up an FH-2 and have been meaning to start working apps into my eurorack setup.

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I don’t have a Eurorack so an FH-2 isn’t for me, but as I do have an MS-20 Mini, Werkstatt with CV expander and Koma Elektronik Field Kit FX (as well as a few other CV-enabled items) I picked up this recently to handle MIDI to CV tasks:

My initial thought was to build a 4 voice polyphonic Moog with it out of Werkstatts, but I’ve not actually even got around to grabbing a PSU for it yet… (one day there will be time for all these experiments).

iOS allows me to experience some of the more unusual and advanced MIDI sequencing operations that aren’t open to me without investing a chunk of money into Eurorack so interfacing my iPad with hardware is definitely something I want to do a lot more of.

On a side note: I have my old 3rd generation iPad setup as a sound module for Ableton these days and it’s absolutely fantastic. A total breeze to set up - I just took the MIDI out from my Ableton interface into the MIDI in on the ioDock my old iPad lives in and some of the apps even automatically mapped the rotary encoders from my Komplete Kontrol S25 keyboard!


FH-2 is great, but I already roll with ES-8 for fx processing, looping, mixing and recording, and can’t afford new modules at the moment. I’m waiting for Audulus 4 to do everything midi to cv.

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That was the excuse I gave myself for buying an iPad. Still need to dive in though…


To report back, Patterning 2 is freaking unbelievable. What a cool way to just generate bonkers, yet sturdy rhythms! I was blown away by how within 5 or 6 minutes, I had a readable, yet complex polyrhythms. Absolutely a new center point of my VCV rack.


It’s really odd - I have Patterning 1 but it doesn’t give me the option of getting 2 at a reduced price (the reduced price option is bizarrely more expensive than the regular single app!)

I’m most likely very late to the party but I just found out that you can record the main stereo output of an iOS or iPadOS device through a USB cable, connected to a Mac. Brilliant!

If anyone hasn’t been aware of the possibility, you can find it under Midi & Audio Setup, while your device is connected, by enabling the audio streaming of that device. You can then of course add it to an aggregate device too, if you so wish.

First thing I did was jamming on Gadget 2, synced to an Ableton Live Project through Link, running the iPad output through FX in live and recording it.


Aum, patterning 2, spectrum, and tardigrain is what I’ve enjoyed a lot over the last few months. Blackhole, Kosmonaut, and Caramel are some my fave effects.
The MIDI control within aum is outstanding.

Abelton Link makes syncing @elquinto’s re:mix, as well as the other brilliant m4l patches, with aum easy.


Have you been able to sync the midi clock of Patterning 2 with AUM? I’ve been thinking about building a Pi Midi Host like linked bellow to centralize all my midi clocking (since I’m hoping to get the Norns/FATES, my iPad slaved to VCV Rack on my Mac).

I could also be mistaken about how well a build like this might centralize everything. Just would be a nice fix.

Yes. AUM and Patterning 2 sync via Ableton Link. Link is brilliant for pairing different sequencers that are enabled being that they are synced to tempo but can be stopped and started independently.


Right? I just found this out the other day myself, I wonder if it’s new?


I still haven’t been able to get Ableton Link working well. I’ll have to spend some time really getting it all set.

Hehe this came out in iOS 11 I believe

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Contact the developer he’s a great dude and help sort it out

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Thanks, that’s an excellent idea

Spent a few hours with MiRack this morning. It’s great and lots of fun.

Some observations:

  1. I had very little idea of what I was doing initially but thought of it in terms of hardware synths and gradually made sense of it, building up a block at a time.

  2. Sequencers on oscillators are fun; sequencers on oscillators and filters are more fun.

  3. I’m never getting a modular setup if this is anything to go by!


Can anyone suggest an auv3 MIDI sequencer that lets you p-lock CC’s per step? Looks like StepBud lets you p-lock the mod wheel which will suffice for now. For this usecase, preferably not a Mozaic script, but I think those exist if I need to go that route.

Also are there any “FM on rails” synths similar to digitone or OP-1’s FM synth?

Just trying to ease my digitone / monomachine gear lust…