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Please define “p-lock”!

Parameter lock - locking a parameter value to a specific step in a sequence.

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Midisteps lets you send cc per step:

I see it’s updated to be a host, not sure if it’s Auv3…

Modstep lets you do everything, including that. Not cheap but it’s ultimate control over MIDI.



If I already have Mozaic do I need the others? I guess that probably depends on whether I can code my own patches

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Any love for Xynthesizer?

It’s one of my favorites…


My apologies, been drinking the Elektron koolaid for too long.

Set a per-step value for a parameter, in this case a MIDI CC, in a sequence. Elektron gear also lets you “slide” parameter values from one value to another across many steps.

I do have Modstep, unfortunately it’s rather buggy and as an AUv3 host would want to be the center of the setup whereas I would like to maintain AUM as the core.


Someone posted this above, it might be capable of what you need?

Yes - Xynthesizr is magnificent - and one I’ve had in the arsenal for a good while now. For some reason I mostly tend to use it on my phone but rarely my iPad


hey friends. been lurking for a bit, thought i’d finally decloak.

has anyone tried audio damage’s axon 2? supposedly they implemented midi out with the last version update but i dont know if that means bluetooth only. my irig midi2 isnt showing up as an option.

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Hmm I haven’t noticed any bugginess, running it on iPadOS 13. I’m using it as just a sequencer with AUM in the center just routing MIDI from Modstep to whatever synth i want it to control.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I had tried it as an AU host and it crashed a few times too many so I went back to AUM

I could be wrong, but I feel like Patterning 2 is not an update, but a rebuild. It’s a new app.

When I was looking into it, I don’t remember there being an upgrade discount for owners of 1. (1 is still for sale last I checked.)

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I believe it’s a rebuild and I don’t remember getting a deal on it as a result of having bought version 1… maybe there was an introductory discount but I don’t remember at this point…

Oh, I’m sure you’re right, I was just meaning that there’s a bundle including Patterning and Patterning 2 but even though I already have Patterning (and it shows that I have it in the app store) the price of the package doesn’t reflect it the way they usually do and the cost to complete the package is more than just buying Patterning 2 on its own.

Hopefully I explained it better that time!

I’m showing 3 USD cheaper to finish bundle than regularly priced

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Mine is 2GBP more which could be the exchange rate :wink:

Ah ha. Gotcha. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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It feels idiotically petty arguing over the £2 but it’s more that they’re attempting to offer a loyalty reward to promote repeat custom and it’s not working for them that bothers me.

Does anyone have any recommendations for amp/fx software? GarageBand is surprisingly good for my non-purist ears, but I figure there’s gotta be some other options available.