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Drambo users…

For a reason I ignore, I cannot import an Audioshare folder from the Sampler view of Drambo.

This makes previewing and accessing the 20gb of samples I uploaded to my ipad (audioshare folder) a bit complicated. Do you have the same problem with Drambo ?

More generally, do you store your samples and files directly to a specific app folder ? Or in a folder accessible by all the apps ? I’ve found Drambo has a WebDAV feature, which is great but I won’t be able to access my files from other apps. I don’t know which method is preferable…

Right now this is the only downside I’ve found using this app but it’s more of an iPadOS problem. The app is really awesome. I like this mix of Octatrack workflow & modular synth !


P.S: Do you know if there’s a way to set the “send” to pre or post ?

P.P.S: what about a dedicated thread for Drambo on Lines ? Is it worth creating one ?

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I already have the Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad that I use with my MacBook. It is also compatible with the iPad but then I can’t keep it paired with the computer… I kind of like the purpose-builtness of the iPad Magic keyboard, which also charges the pencil2…

The thing that is neat about the Logitech keyboard is pairing with multiple computers (and the durability).

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Would love to get a Drambo specific thread going. I started a bunch of sample mangling patches on Drambo, but always find myself reaching for Borderlands for it’s self contained and beautiful design. Drambo really can be anything and it’s often a problem that I can’t remember how the patch I made months ago works anymore. Yeah, I can’t remember how I imported samples.


I’ve found a discussion on the official forum… Apparently, the file management is a topic that returns very often. Someone has recommended a combo of Drambo WebDav + Readdle Documents, I will try and report back… Previewing audio files within iPadOs ad the files app is not straightforward, I hope this Readdle app is better at it. I will try to create a dedicated thread later today unless you want to create it first :wink: I think it’d be nice to have a place to share tips and/or presets here on Lines.

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Yes, please do. I was pretty inspired for a while, but lately confused as to how my old patches work and how to improve on them. I kind of feel Drambo needs a better (and easier on the eyes) top layer macro section to improve play/performability. Hopefully a dedicated thread can get me more inspired. I felt like Drambo could be the ultimate ipad instrument for me when I first started using it.

Here you go: Drambo app - Ask questions, share experiences and best practices


Ha ! :smiley: Drambo (iOS) - Modular groovebox I also created one and made a photo for it… Well, perhaps a mod can delete mine, please :slight_smile:

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Ah dammit, great minds and so on

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TY might try this new Beef thing that has dropped too`.

For a couple of dollars, it may be worth a shot, and tape cassette was nice.


Any recommendations for class-compliant audio interfaces that play well with recent iPads (10.2 2019 in my case)? I am having problems with my NI KA6 MK2. One option would be to use my trusty Alesis IO Dock with an adapter, but if there is a low-cost, reliable option with 2 inputs and 2 outputs (preferably DIN MIDI, too), I might consider buying something else. I’ve seen MOTU M2 being recommended here, however ideally I’d spend around 100€ max.

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I can definitely praise the M2 but I also had great service from a Zoom U-24 which is about half the price and can be powered by batteries (which is a bonus). I ended up selling mine in favour of a Novation AudioHub but that was purely to remove the need for a USB hub when attaching usb controllers.

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Thanks, I have considered buying a used Audiohub even though I am not a fan of RCA connectors. Looks great otherwise, however.

Yes, the RCAs are a bit irritating, although they do provide slight justification to the continued ownership of some of my lesser used items in the cable/adapter collection I’ve amassed over the decades!


im about to upgrade to a new iphone 12 mini. being as how it has a mind boggling 256 g of storage, i’m thinking i could put my library of vinyl samples i keep in ableton on my phone to use with koala. this is so exciting !!

anyways my question is, is there a good app to quickly preview samples before importing to koala ? hopefully one where i could keep my samples in their respective folders i.e drums, synths, bass etc ?


Yes, 100% - AudioShare does everything you need, plus it enables you to transfer samples wirelessly through a browser from any device and sample basically any app on your phone.

256gb of Koala FTW!!!


crazy right?! can’t wait to hear what you make with it :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s the best (though i’m still hoping they make it into an auv3 some day).

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All Moog apps are free for today only (I believe it’s to commemorate Dr. Bob’s birthday).

Model D
Model 15

Any you don’t have, 100% grab.

People tend to overlook Filtatron but it turns an old iPhone 4 and a cheap iRig into basically a Moogerfooger MF101 (with extras). Don’t sleep!


Excellent tip-off, thanks! :rainbow:

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