Your iOS toolkit

Borderlands is pretty different. Its interface alone is different enough to let you find novel ways of using it, though it’s not been updated in some time, unfortunately.


Very much this! AD and Bram Bos apps comprise a healthy amount of my go-to tools. I have no concept what I’d do without AUM and AudioShare either.

I’ve been having a look at Samplr and Borderlands as both seem to offer similar things to Quanta whilst remaining quite distinctly different.


I got an iPad a few months ago, and have really just blown away with how useful it is for me. It really has more or less become the center of my everyday studio. And AUM is at the center of it. Whether it’s adding FX to and recording (and immediately uploading) from external sources (via Scarlett 2i2 and the powered Apple CCK), or using Fugue Machine/PolyPhase to sequence multiple iOS apps (current faves are Aparillo and Quanta), or creating an MLR-ish template of asynchronous loopers (Audio Damage Enso is amazing) controlled via a MIDI Fighter Twister. And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg. It really is like the swiss army knife of electronic music production.


Any advice on connecting the Twister?

I got one to use with Ableton and it’s great but I’m finding the documentation rather lacking…

I’ve got an Apogee Duet for getting MIDI into the iPad, btw…

Sure MTF > Apogee Duet > Apple CC (again, I use the powered one)

In AUM, go into Settings | MIDI Control

Once you have selected it as a MIDI Source, you can follow that guide to use the learn feature to control whatever you want on whatever channel (click Learn and then just click or twist a knob or side button on the MFT). It’s really easy and quick to do. I usually save the project as a template that I can use later and not have to re-map everything.

Have fun


These would be very much at home in MIDI generating iOS apps?


I’d not spotted that thread!

great thread!

polyplayground is my favorite ios app

occasionally use nanoloop, prgm, and borderlands too but primarily i feed recorded audio from my old ios devices (which i kept rather then sell/trade) into outboard gear


Oh yes.

Borderlands Granular and iDensity have figured prominently in my set-up for the last few years- I rely on them heavily for live work and recording, and they appear on a couple of releases. I have yet to tire of of them after all this time.


with mobmuplat you can port pd patches. great in a pinch for adding another few channels to an install (eg with multiple phones, ipads, you can fudge a portable (non-clocked) multichannel setup)

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yeah it’s like having network enabled tape decks
an incredibly powerful idea


I’m regularly stunned by the realisation that literally everything I do on iOS in terms of multi-app work would be either impossible or incredible difficult without AUM.

Awesome thread. To echo @junklight, it totally passed me by too!

I find it staggering to think that there are so many old, theoretically “redundant” or “useless” iOS devices lurking in drawers and cupboards which could be doing amazing things in an audio capacity.


Yep, I use an iphone xr + 2012 ipad mini as my main mobile computers. The resale value on the products they replaced was so low I felt stupid just giving them away for pennies

So I have two previous iphones (5 & 6s) and a 30pin ipad 2 which are strictly for apps and music


I still use my old iPad 1 and iPod touch 1… they’re frozen in time as far as iOS upgrades and can’t run many apps but what they can do is still cool…


Many people seem to view them as literally worthless pieces of “outdated tech” and yet the same people will spend thousands on “outdated tech” such as an SP1200… I’m not claiming the two things are comparable, but it’s a curious phenomenon.

Yeah, my 30-pin devices won’t run anything which requires higher than iOS 9 so many apps are beyond their reach, although loads of apps which state they won’t run do actually have previous versions which you can obtained that work fine. I had to search out iTunes business edition to be able to get them, but it’s a great tool to have.


Borderlands Granular will receive an update very soon, with ableton link support and other stuff, according to their facebook page. Yay!


What is that? Does it guide you to older versions of apps?

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It allows you to download apps to your computer so that you can get apps which your device isn’t able to run. Then you go into your library and when you try to install them onto you device it says words to the effect of “this device isn’t able to run this app, do you want to install an older version instead?”

Obviously not all apps have compatible older versions though so I’d recommend exercising caution when selecting purchases

there’s a certain frequency of pitches in the moog model 15 app that my cat really likes and comes to investigate every time i filter sweep it.

that is my most used app for that reason.

fugue machine, eos reverb, samplr, and patterning probably round out my top 5. i wish patterning had a bit more control over individual channels. i’ve had issues trying to map each output to a channel in bm3 and audiobus 2.

originally got an ipad mostly to function as an expansion pack for the op-1 but i could never find a ios DAW that i could stand using long term. now i really want to try audulus and auria pro but really don’t have the spare time to justify the costs…some day


I’ve got Auria and Cubasis but never gelled with either, since Ableton is never that far away…

I’m really liking recording multitrack audio in Aum. Easy to export to Ableton…