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Interesting new rhythmic midi sequencer - Strokes:


Any tips for a small USB-C audio interface, bus-powered and with at least one USB host output for a Linnstrument (300mAish current draw)? I would like to have a nice and capable iPad setup for longer trips on the train. I don´t need preamps or other connectivity at all.

I could do with a USB-C hub with a great headphone output as well. Asking for an audio interface because I tried 3 separate USB-C hubs with a headphone jack and they sounded terrible if they worked at all :frowning:


I just picked up Unfiltered Audio’s
All sound fantastic as expected and operate wonderfully as touch surface devices. I’ve been using UA since the earliest of times when their first plugin was introduced, so I’m a fan.
All their ios plugin are on intro sale at $5 each, so everyone should get some!


Oh, Intro sale means I don’t need to wait for bundle pricing! Thanks for pointing that out!


Yup, Silo for a fiver is a no-brainer. So good!


possibly the new Arturia Minifuse 1?
It states up to 250ma on the usb hub, so you might be ok?

There’s not really much else that fits the bill that I’m aware of

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I think I will try one. Will report how it went. Thank you!

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My friend I were noticing a ton of latency with UA Tails, anyone else experience this?

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I only bought Silo and lo-fi-af…

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Yes. Afaik all 4 of these plugins introduce latency on both iOS and desktop. For some of them it’s because of spectral processing. Not sure for silo, though.

been digging into drambo with an es-9 / eurorack setup and enjoying the hybrid sketchpad flow so much.

had an “ah hah!” moment when i put an auv3 instance of loopy pro on a send in drambo.

instead of trying to build a complex song / patch structure in drambo im just grabbing and layering tons of loops to structure/process/edit later.

once i record a nice long loop (in loopy) of a patch with enough variation i clear out the channel/pattern and start on another layer of sound design.



I feel interested to hear a clip of the results of this process if you have one.


This sounds ace!
Are you using Covariant on the ipad? As a bridge between Drambo and the ES-9?
Any more info about this set-up would be much appreciated. I’ve been trying to bring ipad and eurorack together for some time,…with only limited success


i am using the “external cv instrument” module in drambo. tbh my sequencing of v/oct analog oscillators is quite minimal. i am finding the stock conversion module is working well enough with intellijel atlantis, which covers a lot of my “melodic” analog oscillator needs.

i am finding more satisfying interactions using euro for filters, envelopes and analog step sequencers right now - letting drambo handle sampling, complex sequencing (p-lock, step components), clocking, effects, etc…

i still have a lot to learn, but happy to answer any other drambo/es-9 setup questions…

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Hi all, can anyone recommend a basic monophonic AUV3 sampler with timestretch, with a controllable rate? I’ve been googling around and this question seems to be asked every 2 years so I’m carrying on tradition.

Essentially, I’ve been spoiled by the Octatrack. I own Drambo, and what I really want is to be able to use the “Rate” knob on the flexi-sampler independent of changing the pitch. Apparently Drambo can’t do this natively.

Every point I’ve made above eliminates different popular samplers. For example:

  • Samplr: Not AUV3
  • Koala: Doesn’t have a real-time ‘rate’ control
  • and so on

Also, I know the basics of granular synths, but am not all too familiar with them. If I can use a granular app to achieve more or less the same thing (change rate independent of pitch), I’ll definitely consider that too, provided that I can load samples into the granulizer instead of using it as a delay.


The next version of Loopy Pro features independent time and pitch. I’m not sure on the timetable, though.

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I hope you find something simpler…

But in the mean time, perhaps this custom Drambo unit will do the trick?

Check the YouTube links in the description for demos


Cool. Thanks for the info man

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Oh this is great, Thank you!! Have to sit down with your videos but a few minutes of toying around with it, this looks like exactly what I was looking for!

You can get pretty intense with this sampler. I know just enough about how timestretch works from staring at the PD rockafella patch to see a bit of the timestretch design philosophy.

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Just offering up a 1st hand experience of connecting Norns to an iPad 9th gen via the CWE Midi Bud Pro (bluetooth 5 adapter).

I picked this up in a black friday sale and thought I would see how it goes…and I must say I am REALLY impressed.

I am using this to trigger drum synth sounds from real acoustic triggers, so my flow is

trigger>Midi convertor>norns>CWE Midibud >ipad running Korg gadget in 128 latency mode.

I have to say this is VERY good , it is replacing a Alesis IO Dock (old version with a 30 pin to lightening adapter thrown on it) …

The IO Docked version of this setup gave me SOME very small but perceptible latency on drum sounds with fast attacks, but were very usable…and this certainly persists on the WIDI dongle, but I would be very hard pushed to tell that is has got any worse, and for the convenience of now being able to fit my full setup in a small case, with the ipad in the lid, this is a real game changer for my own needs.