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Per MOTU specs, only outputs are DC-coupled…


Big +1 for the ULmk5 for iOS. I mentioned it here previously, but a huge benefit to it is the virtual USB bus, that allows you to internally route anything streaming on your iPad to any audio host app. This is amazing for non-auv, or just general apps, like radio garden, or even YouTube/ Spotify. That, to me, justifies the MOTU alone (it also sounds great and is super flexible).

Are there any other class-compliment interfaces with this feature?


These are great. I own one of the smaller versions but I’ve used this 6ch before and i really like the design.

A warm thank you to all who replied and made suggestions. I bought the M-Audio second hand for around half the store price (140 universal credits). Fun fact: hours after I bought it, someone offered a used Motu Ultralight MK3 for about the same price. Too late.

After quickly testing the M-Audio I can say the following:

  • It works out of the box without any issues on iPad and in AUM.
  • Build quality seems very solid and sturdy.
  • It is another one of those devices where the size surprised me (because I again didn’t check the specs). I have some where I thought “wow it is that small”. Here it is the other way around. In the photo you see the shield and my other audio interface for comparison. The M-Audio is almost as large as a Microfreak!


Man, seeing this, I’m inspired to get this again. I really like that controls are on top and that you can just run it as a simple mixer without the host device (iPad).