Your most used Monome Eurorack module

I am looking for some success stories regarding your Euro-rack Experiences
I have recently grabbed a Monome Grid for exploration. I have been a Max/Pd coder since the late 1990s
I am considering an EarthSea and a White Whale to compliment my MeadowPhysics and Walk modules
Would people be willing to share best case scenarios for using these two w/o Teletype?
I realize i have to make room in my Eurorack for a Teletype. Currently i have a Verbos Harmonic Oscillator and i am considering selling it for a Teletype and a Mangrove, so i am not at full steam yet. And also if i get a Teletype is there a detailed how to on soldering them so they all talk together? I am trying to get familiar with all these new modules but leap has been taken for sure

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This will sound pretty newbie, but I was surprised about the need to solder. The headers seem to work without doing that? Seems like soldering/desoldering significantly increases the hassle involved in rearranging the modules as they enter/leave the case. What am I risking by leaving them unsoldered?

you just need to solder the header if your module didn’t come with one. then the cable can be attached / detached at any time [your ww already has the header soldered btw]

oh, ok, cool. Solder the header to the board, not solder the ribbon to the header. Thank heavens. I was confused and in my confusion I thought it was strange advice. Just me being dumb, carry on!

I am not a soldering person buti will do it so i can get the ecosystem working properly.

Soldering is fun and useful and addictive. But try not to be dumb and confused like me when you do it. :wink:

EDIT: But when you inevitably goof up (it happens to everyone) you’re going to want one of these:

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